Ten least requested features in future cars

What options future cars not popular?

Ten least requested features in future cars

Experts, futurists and science fiction writers always love to predict our future. This is especially true of the auto world. All of us always want to know what will look like and how they will feature the cars of the future. But we all know that forecasts are not rewarding classes and, unfortunately, in 90 percent of cases, our expectations are not met. But how, then, to know what will be the cars of the future. The surest way to look through the eye of time is to try to find out what options the cars of the future will be the least popular.

The future is coming very, very quickly. Because the future is approaching with remarkable speed, 3600 seconds per hour. So our world before you know it as, will be among the cars of the future. In order for this to be ready we must know that we are unlikely to see in the vehicles of the new time.

For this we will use recent global study, which was conducted among a huge number of people that are potential buyers of cars in the future. The survey was conducted among people aged 24 to 75 years.

The study was conducted by Fallashous, Fabrikate, and Faick, who worked to the order of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world.

This study is necessary to automobile companies, in order to accurately understand how to develop their products and the industry in the next 50 years. Through this study, now we can just figure out what will not be in the cars of the future, and also to understand what the will of the vehicle 20, 30 and even 50 years.

The study showed that most of the respondents want the cars of the future were Autonomous (autopilot feature), had a very low fuel consumption or energy and is equipped with many advanced facilities and electronic assistance systems on the road.

But the study also showed the most unpopular technologies and features that people rarely recalled during the interview. In the end, due to this, researchers found out which options people do not want to see in the cars of the future. Below you can see the list of 10 things that most likely we will not see in vehicles in the nearest 50 years. Because based on this study car company is unlikely to go against the wishes of a huge number of people.

1) a system to improve the smell in the cabin

This system evaluates the smell of outdoor air. If special sensors determine that the outdoor air is too smelly, then it is cleaned from impurities and then through a system of ventilation and conditioning of air fed into the cabin.

It should be noted that a similar system is already can be easily embedded in virtually any car thanks to the availability of modern technology. But today this option in the automotive industry according to the survey, and Analytics companies is not claimed by the car owners. So despite the predictions of futurists and science fiction writers in the cars of the future we are unlikely to see such high-tech air filtration system and its smell.

2) the System increase grip with slippery and snowy road with rubber mats

Ten least requested features in future cars

This system is an electronic technology that enables a car owner by using a special button to push under the wheels with special rubber mats, which in width correspond to the dimensions of the wheels of the car. These mats as suggested by the developers should be nominated with the help of special electric motors. With this feature you will be able to travel without loss of grip even on the slippery and snowy sections of the route. But the chances that this technology has minimal mass, as people in the time of the survey did not pay for this option no attention.

3) Projecting from the rear view to the area of the windshield

This technology is well represented in the fantastic stories of great writers futurists, as well as in many popular Hollywood sci-Fi movies. But during the interview the people didn’t show this option, no interest. Especially the younger generation people who participated in the survey.

So apparently the car company will refuse to develop similar technology in the next 20-30 years.

4) Heated armrest between the front seats

It would seem that the industry is moving towards heat all the inner parts of the interior. More recently, a heated steering wheel and front seats seemed a luxury for most car owners. The fact that more recently, a similar option was equipped with only expensive premium car. Today heated seats and steering wheel can be found on the economy car class.

Also recently in some cars produced began to install El door handles inside the cabin. It would be logical to assume that soon will appear and heated armrest located between the front seats. But judging by the poll people are not interested because, according to them, this is not necessary. So we hope that the automakers will save us in future from these stupid and who do not need functions.

5) the System of 3-D projection on the side window of the car

At the time, some futurists and science fiction writers have suggested that the future car will be equipped with a projection that will transmit any video image on the side window of the vehicle. According to them, this way people will be able to look at gray and ugly outside world while driving. Through this projection you will be able to see while driving any beautiful scenery, etc.

Unfortunately, this interesting feature is also not attracted the attention of the public during the global survey.

6) the System of determining the mood of the driver

During a survey of potential car buyers, in which researchers asked people if they would like to have the car of the future had the function of recognition of the mood of the driver, in order to automatically adjust the machine under the regime more appropriate to the mood of the one who sits behind the wheel. In the end, the majority of respondents wanted a similar option was introduced in vehicles of the future.

Apparently, despite interesting technology, people are ready to have the computer intervene in their personal space and their personal preferences. So despite the fact that by 2050 it is projected that 50 percent of cars will be equipped with autopilot, we believe that people even a hundred years will prefer to operate the machine independently and as they need it, not as it pleases the computer.

7) a System that allows the Autonomous vehicle to follow the driver, and drive up to the expectations

Recently many car companies bragging about their cars that are equipped with innovative systems that enable vehicles to automatically follow their owners, who got out of the car.

Some manufacturers also introduced a system that allows the car to find the driver in the Parking lot and drive up to him at a specified time, etc.

Surprisingly, despite the amazing technology that in certain cases it may be convenient, the majority of respondents felt that such a feature in cars of the future are not needed.

8) the humidification System of the cabin

Humidifiers have become popular all over the world. Their cost is currently comparable to the hike in the cafe. Thanks to this gadget, your house will always have a comfortable air. Many experts suggested that the next mass technology in the automotive industry will become a humidifier. And it was logical. It is not always we want to dry using air conditioning. But during the survey, worldwide the researchers found that the majority of people this feature in the car is simply not needed. So it is unlikely that in the future we will see humidifiers.

9) game Online on the screen of the infotainment system

To the surprise of the researchers during the interview, even the youngest generation of people have spoken out against the appearance of future cars to play on the screen of the infotainment system on the centre console.

Apparently, despite the huge progress and growth in popularity of online games, even the younger generation of drivers understands that safety behind the wheel first.

However it is worth noting that despite the fact that people are opposed to the cars of the future was the ability to play online games on the screen infotainment systems, avtoproyzvodytely most likely for a short time in the future, the experiment will provide the opportunity. However most likely such an opportunity will only be available if the vehicle is stationary.

10) locking System talking on a cell phone without a Handsfree functions

Despite the fact that talking on a cell phone while driving while driving are a huge danger in the future, we are unlikely to see cars lock-out function possibility of talking on the phone without Handsfree. Although the idea of agree original. Because talking on a cell phone while driving reduces the driver’s reaction just as if to operate the machine in a state of mild intoxication.

But despite that the people were against the introduction of similar options in the cars of the future.