SUV with triangle-square wheels

This is the most smart means of transportation that we have ever seen

SUV with triangle-square wheels

Transformers universe is haunted by the inventors with the 80-ies, when the screen first appeared these strange characters. They could easily transform from robots into cars, planes, spaceships and back. Probably every kid growing up since the 90-ies played these amazing toys. In schools, among primary classes, passed the whole battle between the plastic robots. And when one of the warring parties, it became clear that the battle may be lost, it was easy to transform into a plane or car and drive/fly away.

The children grew up, but the craving for the transformation of all things left. Savvy engineering knowledge, people begin to create. An example of what heights can be achieved is presented in the following video:


As can be seen in the American defense industry does not spend money on testing of a variety of means to improve the patency of their Humvee, but two technologies stand out here much.


First, this so-called “Reconfigurable Wheel Track” wheels, which are designed in such a way that within 2 seconds, direct on-the-go can turn into a compact triangular caterpillars to enhance the off-road performance.


Installation of this system kills two birds with one stone. When driving on normal roads the car does not lose speed and mobility (on the tracks of the control and the speed is limited more than when driving on conventional wheels), but with Congress on difficult off-road the surface in just a few seconds its wheels turn into a caterpillar with a larger area of contact. This allows you to send more torque to the ground. Increases the area of contact with the surface and reduces the possibility of getting stuck.

SUV with triangle-square wheels

The system developed by the team of the National engineering center of the robotics of Carnegie-Mellon (CMU NREC). What they came up with, called “Reconfigurable wheel rut.” Technology, apparently, changes the shape of the wheel by means of a hydraulic system. How such complex machinery can survive a challenging environment, remains to be seen. Particularly interesting is the fact that the tests are carried out on a military Hummer, which implies a combat use. Something tells us that increasing complexity does not lead to good results in battle.


Also interesting is buggy with a unique suspension that can fulfill even very large bumps in the road at speed without compromising comfort and drivability. Here is what can do robotic suspension. What is not a Transformer?

SUV with triangle-square wheels


This technology is well suited to road builders, foresters and other workers who have to navigate complex surfaces on cars.


As you can see, in the future there is still a place for SUVs and with the help of new technology, they may be made more passable and convenient. But only time will tell the reliability of advanced technologies.