Supported Tesla Model X at a price more expensive than the new

Owner sells Tesla Model X and asks for her more at $ 80,800, what it cost when it was new

Supported Tesla Model X at a price more expensive than the new

New Model X Tesla  P90D Signature held a 804 km, according to the odometer, it is now available for purchase. So far, nothing unusual in this news there. But the most surprising dalshe-. The main drawback of this car is that the owner is asking $ 215,000, or $ 80,800 more than he originally paid for a new car. No, the seller is not some celebrity who left the painting in the car, this is an ordinary person who just sold his car.


So why is such an incredibly huge price tag? Everything is quite banal.In the near future we booked approximately 40.000 Model X, each of the future owners will have to wait quite a lot of time before the desired car appears in his garage . It is more difficult to spec. TeslaModel X P90D, car more rare, even for the order is not always available, so it may take even waiting for a longer period.

The enterprising owner decided to take advantage of the situation and putting his exhibition at clearly overpriced, try your luck. Maybe there is an eager but cash buyer who is ready to pay $ 80,000 more, but to get the car right now.


As they say in the sources, the owner is not going to speculate on the price initially just bought an electric crossover, he suddenly realized that at the moment it just does not need it. Realizing this and assessing the situation, was adopted this adventurous idea, try to sell b / a car at almost twice the price of the amount that it cost when it was new.
This example teaches us that in fact the money is all around us, and you just need to know how they can pick up. Note citizen legitimate, not mislead people. It’s simple and elegant. It is possible that this crossover can actually buy. Then our hero picks a double jackpot, will receive an additional nearly $ 100,000 and sell unnecessary car.

PS This kind of resale took place to be in the Soviet Union. Then, too, for the products of AvtoVAZ and Muscovites were perennial queue.Because of bureaucratic delays and features of realization of cars in the USSR, the new car was very difficult to get. Therefore, our citizens have come up with its know-how to sell more cars supported (at 1.000-2.000 rubles, a lot of money in those days), but at once, without the long wait.

So, as you can see that the idea is not new.

Model is PD90, which accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds (in normal mode) and 3.2 seconds in the “Ludicrous Mode”. We would like to note that a quarter-mile crossover will take place in about the same time as the 707 strong Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, 11,7 seconds (in a special mode “Ludicrous Mode”). The maximum mileage in this mode, the car is 402 km with a full battery charge. In this modification, Sports Model X is equipped with a strong front electric motor 259 and 503 hp electric motor located in the rear of the machine.