Soon every car: Futuristic technology

Nine technologies that will appear in future cars.

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

On Autonomous vehicles today, the whole world knows. But unfortunately this technology in the automotive industry is still very far before the autopilot in vehicles will become mainstream. Fortunately we live in an age of new electronic technologies and innovative breakthrough on the market today there are many other interesting features and technologies in expensive premium cars that will soon begin to appear EN masse on expensive serial vehicles. Here’s our ranking of the most new and interesting options, features and technologies which massively appear in new cars in the coming years.

Smart keys

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

We all know that the world is moving toward what soon we will be surrounded by some LCD screens. Experts predict that within 20 years all household appliances in the world will have touch screens.

That is why a number of brands today began to equip car keys to touch screens. For example, BMW is equipping its stock cars (i8 and 7-series) is such interesting gadgets. Thanks to the screen on the remote control key the car can see a lot of useful information about the car. Update of information on the display occurs in real time using remote wireless communication with the software of the car.

Thanks to these keys, the driver now don’t have to guess whether he closed the door, and how much fuel is left in the car. This information is now in the BMW tells the key. In addition, the supercar i8 key also shows the level of battery charge and remaining range hybrid cars.


Soon every car: Futuristic technology

It seems that the vast majority of the population have smartphones. Also a large number of people on the planet have tablets and other electronic gadgets with which you can get online. The world wide web has become commonplace in our lives, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern world. That is why Internet in the car it is a necessity.

Some automakers have begun to equip their products with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that allows passengers and driver to enjoy high speed Internet in the car without using mobile data.

To activate the access point in the car it is necessary to install a SIM card into a special slot. Thanks to the convenient and flexible tariff plans are now available for purchase lucrative contracts cell phone companies that will allow you to get in the car high-speed network access for small money. It is in any case more profitable than Internet access using a universal cell contracts.

Currently, automotive companies are changing the world with Wi-Fi in the car. By connecting machines to the network, they become part of the global web and can interact with each other. In addition, thanks to constant Internet connection, the manufacturer can remotely update the software of the machine.

Gesture control

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

First gesture control on production cars appeared on the new Ford models. Remember the ads online and on TV, in which we demonstrate the ease of opening the trunk a leg?

Today, this technology has already appeared on many even expensive cars. But BMW has gone further and has introduced a new technology of gesture control inside the cabin. Currently, such technology is installed on the car 7-series.

Using a system of gesture control BMW, the driver and front passenger can control the infotainment system without touching the LCD screen. To control the infotainment system must be in the air to use certain gestures, which reads the camera mounted behind the windshield. This feature allows the driver is not distracted from the road to use a variety of infotainment options.

Transmission with GPS system

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

In the car MINI and Rolls-Royce appeared gearbox that is integrated with GPS navigation. Now gearbox can use the data to shifting not only with the speed sensor and the throttle, but also from the satellite. Thanks to this technology, transmission can determine at which inclined plane car rides.

That is, if the car goes uphill, the box will automatically switch to the desired mode of operation for optimal power and torque transmission. The same applies to movement with tilt. In this case, the transmission also automatically selects the necessary speed.

Using data from the navigation system box creates a more optimal driving conditions, which of course affects the comfort and efficiency of the car.

The timer light on the dashboard

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

Soon everyday objects that surround us in the world, will be connected to the Internet. As a result, they will be able to interact with each other. This means that cars in future will be able to communicate with the world around him.

The company Audi has shown its new development, which allows the vehicle to connect to road intelligent network traffic management.

It is no secret that in large cities, many traffic signals operate automatically using sensors recording the flux density. These lights transmit information to each other, allowing you to create the optimal regulation of road traffic.

Audi technology allows the machine to connect to is similar to the road infrastructure and to obtain data on the mode of operation of the traffic lights.

Using data obtained from a traffic light, the car decides to turn off the motor if a red light will Shine for a long time. Thus, it will save fuel in the car. In addition, using such data, software of the vehicle can give the driver tips how fast need to move to get into the “green wave” movement in order not to stop at traffic lights. This reduces the amount of time the engine idling, which significantly increases the efficiency of the machine.

Car = wallet

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

The cars of the future will be able to spend your money in automatic mode. No, vehicles will not be expected to order a CD or some expensive accessories on Ebay. The idea is that by using the technologies of the future cars will be connected via the network to certain infrastructure and to pay for you in automatic mode any of these services. For example, Parking. Or the machine will be able to automatically pay toll on toll road, or pay for refills at the gas station.

Currently, the company Honda and Ford, together with Visa, experiencing in new York this technology. Company Visa showed this system at the Mobile World Congress. In a pilot project with the help of this system the car can automatically pay at the filling station network in new York and the surrounding area.

Phone as the key to the car

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

In 10-15 years, experts predict that all cars will have ignition key and perhaps even fashionable nowadays remote remote controls. Volvo has already started to phase out conventional keys. Instead, the company offers technology that turns your smartphone into a normal key machine, with which you can unlock and start the engine.

The key can be any smartphone that you need to install a special application. It should be noted that such an application can be installed, for example, on the phones of your family members who will also be able to use the car.

Big pickups with trailers

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

For many drivers (especially beginners) is not easy to control the pick-up truck with a trailer. Fortunately, some new SUVs-pick-UPS are equipped with various assistance systems for drivers. For example, pick-UPS, Nissan and Ford have a help system when driving with a trailer.

In Ford cars you can see on the screen of the infotainment system tips in order to make sure that all of the action behind the wheel when driving with a trailer done right.

In addition, in some vehicles, Ford also has a system of Autonomous help when driving with a trailer, which will help the inexperienced driver to automatically select the correct trajectory.

Also, in some vehicles there is a system by which you can steer your trailer hitched to your car, guide into position without the use of the steering wheel. Many know what to do it manually sometimes is very difficult because the machine due to the load of the trailer does not allow to easily rotate the wheel.

Fortunately with the help of a special controller on the centre console the driver can activate the automatic control of the heavy trailer and the car will start to turn the steering wheel, guiding the trailer at the correct angle.

Remote control of the machine and movement without driver

Soon every car: Futuristic technology

Tesla Model S and BMW 7-series have a feature that allows you to move the car forward or backward (straight) without a driver. This function can be activated remotely by the owner at a distance. This is a very useful option. Especially on close Parking, when you are not able to get into the car. Pressing the button on the stick, the car will come with a Parking space and you will be able to open the door.

Also if you put the car in the garage, you can give her a command to leave the gate.

Including at present the company is developing for Land Rover vehicles Range Rover system, which can be used to operate the machine at a distance. The meaning of technology is to use a special app installed on the tablet and the remote control of the SUV. This will allow the driver on the most dangerous stretches of road out of the car and from the street to operate the machine.

This will increase the safety of the driver when passing the most extreme sections of the road.