Soften whether exams right in the traffic police?

To pass the exam in the traffic police without pads would be easier?

1. Yes 2. No 3. Everything will remain the same


Without playgrounds to take the exam in the traffic police in General will be easier. But is it right?

Soften whether exams right in the traffic police?

There is nothing more important for the future of the driver than the exam for the right driving. Like any student, examinee, the future drivers want to test it as easy as possible and faster. Come to the exam – memorized questions were answered, went on the site according to the usual figures of sites in the city, test your luck and nerves of the inspector-examiner. And if no luck, retake the opinion is “powerless” motorists need to be fast, that is called without much ADO. But before the state is a completely different task – to release from the traffic police charges against road users that will not create emergency situations on the road and do something stupid, but no less dangerous errors.


One of the most challenging questions to date, was the question of the unification of passing the practical driving test on the court and in the city in a single exam. According to the proposal of the state traffic Inspectorate, “platform” needs to go back in time, and all the important controls will be checked directly on the roads of the city, just as do many other motorized countries.

Innovation has caused a lot controversy among the expert road community. The agenda was diverse, ranging from the possible tightening of the exam is for beginners, not everyone will be able to master “combat” baptism in the city, so there will be lots of failures and retries, ending excessive reduction of the burden on the examinee future drivers. The last topic we’d like to touch on.

And so the question is: is it Possible that the exams right in the traffic police will be softened?

Soften whether exams right in the traffic police?

My opinion on this subject rendered the interregional Association of driving schools, directly stating that the cancellation of the exam on the initial skills will reduce the quality of driver training. In fact, we are talking about that exam in an urban setting literally put knowledge tests for drivers at different levels of complexity.


For example, an examination in the city dominated by mountainous terrain, let it be Zvenigorod – Russian Switzerland in the suburbs, a city in the Urals or Vladivostok. On the road with the steep slopes of the yesterday’s student will be very difficult the first time to take the exam. The machine will constantly stall when starting uphill, penalty points accumulate, the nerves stretch the string and in the end he hears from the inspector “fail”. On the other hand, the motorist from the Central Federal district, where mostly plain, such problems will not arise, but the exam would be too easy.


The same applies to residents of big cities and quiet peripheral cities. In the first case, the heavy traffic of the big city very easy to get confused, miss the mark, not to see prosterto “Zebra” and quickly gather the harvest of penalty points in the second, most likely any problems in the exam will not occur, but full knowledge test this test accurately call will be impossible.


Soften whether exams right in the traffic police?

That is, what legal is concerned about driving schools for which training safe drivers is not an empty phrase can be put in one sentence: while the items of the examination site in the exam on urban traffic, it is not always possible to fulfill them. Of exam depending on area for delivery, will take a test of basic skills for all drivers, which were reflected in the figures, now installed at the sites of driving schools.


Yes, of course, police checks obtained in the schools of knowledge, and courts will not go anywhere from schools, but how it will be possible to identify inefficient automotive school? Albeit indirectly, but the traffic police is also now affected, despite the fact that the direct inspection of schools is the Federal service for supervision in education and science. GAI, at least, has been collecting data about the accident rate among newcomers, thereby gaining the possibility of making adjustments. And the sooner these adjustments are made, the safer you will be on the roads and the less sad sack will get the rights to at best very quickly lose them, at worst – to arrange a traffic accident.


In General, as always, there is something to ponder. What do you think, without playgrounds to take the exam in the traffic police will be easier?