Skoda Octavia 2019 fourth generation: bigger, smarter, prettier

New Skoda Octavia gets bigger and more stylish

Skoda Octavia 2019 fourth generation: bigger, smarter, prettier

The fourth generation Skoda Octavia will not only be more outside, but much roomier inside. “Four-eyed” face disappears again, replaced by the style and head, modern and mischievous, in the current fashion. Almost VW from the Czech Republic that follows the experience of a Mercedes with the headlights…


Presentation: Octavia number four will arrive in 2019

More cars, a large share of the market, more money at the box office – that’s what matters to the business of the automaker, and that’s the growth trend will follow the fourth generation of the Octavia, starting from 2019. Model wagon Combi will be launched first in 2019, followed in the next year, followed by the Octavia sedan. Enough custom the scheme of arrangement of bodies of a novelty, still usually first at all times, it is preferred sedans. Perhaps this is a hint of Skoda to what the body is all the more necessary for modern motorists, but is likely more pragmatic.



After the škoda Octavia fell in love with the Chinese and headlong rushed to buy all the versions of the model, sales of which now account for about 400.000 units, the Skoda there is no need to worry about the fact that its cars will not sell. Snap, including in the universal bodies. According to some, the wagon accounts for about 160.000 sales. This body remains one of the most sought after in Europe so far.


Design: there are no more “persons” with four “eyes”

Skoda Octavia 2019 fourth generation: bigger, smarter, prettier

Universal has always been a practical car. Future IV generation again confirms this theory their increased volumes.


By themselves, the car’s exterior dimensions remain unchanged. New Octavia in the length of the order of 4.70 meters and about 1.80 meters in width. But the wheelbase was increased, that allowed to revise the proportion of the internal volume. They have become more.


However, due to the visual changes Octavia 4th generation model began to look longer, more solid, more elegant – in short, a car of the highest class. Czechs have paid great attention to the horizontal lines, smooth, but a clear bending of body panels, connections, parts of the body and its edges, creating a special, balanced appearance.



For the design of the new Skoda will become the characteristic large, flattened bonnet, lights that are directly adjacent to the wide bars, and the number of corners of faces with inclined surfaces.


The presence of chrome and glossy black accents are the defining elements in the combination of styles that even more clearly to delineate the range of cars in the future.


As we said, four lights disappear, and in their place comes a fairly modern block of lights, from different angles vaguely reminiscent of how lighting equipment from Audi and Mercedes-Benz (internal pattern AFD).


The new Octavia gets the inscription “Skoda” instead of a logo on the back. It also became known that the sedan will have a very good capacity volume of 590 litres, the wagon will be placed inside and even more – 620 liters with the rear seats unfolded.


Technology: Octavia benefits from Golf 8

Skoda Octavia 2019 fourth generation: bigger, smarter, prettier

Thanks to the technologically advanced Volkswagen Golf 8-th generation, which will arrive in mid-2019, the new Octavia will win a number of unique technical additions. It is planned that the novelty will receive more assistance systems for semi-Autonomous driving (Level 3), advanced functions, such as electronic instrument panel, three different screen size depending on configuration, enhanced voice control, adaptive led headlights and upgrade packages Ambition, Scout, Scout (only for station wagons), as well as top and sport versions Ambiente and RS.


In addition, the model gets rid of the elements of cheap cars. It is now more of chromium, is used more quality materials. A next-generation seats, additional luxury in the most expensive top versions. The novelty will feature impeccable workmanship.


With all these improvements and additions Octavia is getting closer to the Passat, however, the price should not change. The manufacturer promises to reduce the gap between the Skoda and the Passat.


Engines: Octavia also comes as a plug-in hybrid

Skoda Octavia 2019 fourth generation: bigger, smarter, prettier

The range of conventional petrol and diesel internal combustion engines, probably largely coincide with the current model. But there are major changes. Shortly after the launch of Skoda wants to Commission so-called “mild hybrid” with a new 48-volt electrical system. This power package promises to give 10 kW more power and 55 Nm to obtain the additional thrust. It is also planned a more classic plug-in-hybrid with a combination of 1.5-liter gasoline engine (150 HP) and electric motor (75 kW), with an estimated system output of 252 HP and 590 lb-ft.



It is possible to use a model platform for electric motors from Volkswagen – MEB. In this case, the godfather of the electric Skoda Octavia will be Volkswagen model ID.