Simplified installation of LPG to vehicles, but motorists will not feel major changes

Traffic is a bit easier installation of LPG for cars

Simplified installation of LPG to vehicles, but motorists will not feel major changes

To put gas the equipment will be a little easier, but much of it motorists will not help. As before, you will have to run the chain of command.



Fuel prices skyrocketed. Diesel fuel costs as 95-octane gasoline, while a liter of gasoline costs for motorists is so expensive that comparable in price with carbonated water in containers of 0.5. The electric vehicle in the country is not even in its infancy, so the only real way for motorists to save funds long was the transition to liquefied natural gas, which is used to fuel vehicles: natural gas – methane and hydrocarbon gases – butane, propane and various mixtures thereof.


The use of the internal combustion engine liquefied gas can do to reduce one of the most costly types of operating expense for a car. Look at the prices for different fuel types at filling stations. AI-95 costs about 45-48 rubles per liter. 92-th gasoline is also firmly exceeded 40 rubles, the value of 42-43 of the ruble in the Moscow region speaks for itself – call cheaper petrol not dare. With diesel all is sad – from 43 to 45 cents. GAS on this background costs two times cheaper.


On refuellings “Gazprom”, for example, prices in Russia on average are held in the district on 21-22 rubles, which is two times lower than the standard fuel. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the “blue fuel” has increasingly come to the attention not only of transport companies, especially those that carry passengers on interurban routes, but also owners of private passenger cars who want to save in the course of operation. According to the Ministry of energy, on country roads I travel about 1.6 million vehicles equipped with gas cylinders. This means that under the new stringent requirements of the traffic police about half of all motorists will not be able to prove the legality of the installed gas equipment in their cars because they simply have not issued him the traffic police in accordance with the letter of the law.


Simplified installation of LPG to vehicles, but motorists will not feel major changes


So before you start to fill the tank with gas (methane, propane, butane), you need to go quite a long and unpleasant procedure additional equipment. If this is not done, the vehicle is mounted with an expensive brand with certified equipment, the authorities will not admit to the operation and at the first stop on the road, careful inspector will make the Protocol in article 12.5 of the administrative code (“vehicle Control in the presence of malfunctions or conditions at which operation of vehicles is forbidden…”) because in the vehicle design changes are made without permission of the State inspection of road safety. The liability of the motorist may be even higher – the car can be removed from the register.



That did not happen, you need to go through a statutory procedure, which will cost the owner about $ 10 thousand roubles, but will make made to design changes legal.


Simplified installation of LPG to vehicles, but motorists will not feel major changes


Recall that to do this:

  • You need to contact a certified testing laboratory where it will be passed the preliminary examination. Experts should determine whether the safe is fitted to this particular car equipment.
  • The motorist should turn in the traffic police, where after inspection of the vehicle will obtain permission for equipment installation. In this case LPG.
  • The third step is to install the LPG in the service station. A HUNDRED shall issue official documents on the work.
  • Visit the item of inspection is the fourth item on the agenda.
  • Re-examination in the testing laboratory – all equipment is properly put on the SRT?
  • Then you need to take another trip to traffic police, where to obtain first, the certificate of conformity of the vehicle with changes in safety requirements and to register a new vehicle.

    That was a simplified traffic during the installation of LPG equipment on the vehicle?

    “In connection with numerous appeals of citizens and organizations made a decision to optimize the process for making changes to the design of the vehicle associated with the installation LPG”, – quotes the explanation of the interior Ministry “Kommersant”.


    Now car owners do not need to provide the car for inspection in the division of the state traffic Inspectorate, and the application can be submitted by e-mail. Using electronic document management citizen should get a response, you can put gas in the car or not. This will reduce time costs for motorists.


    Simplified installation of LPG to vehicles, but motorists will not feel major changes


    Unfortunately, this simplification of the procedure of making changes in the technical design of the vehicle is only a half measure. Exhausting the modification of the car as a whole will remain. The procedure will be simplified only after the adoption of the new regulations of the Ministry of interior and relevant government regulations, which for several years is being finalized and reviewed, but was not still accepted.

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