Several functions in the car, of which you probably don’t know

Unknown car options in your car.

Several functions in the car, of which you probably don't know 

You know everything about your car? Do you know all the options and features that come with your car? I hope so. Although, according to statistics, only 10% of drivers fully read the manual to the car and remembered all of its functions. It’s like the new-fangled smartphones, many of which stand today as the old one (about half the functions in the phone, many are not even aware). So, it’s time to talk about functions in vehicles, which many don’t know or simply forget about them.


Please note that not every function, which we describe, there is absolutely any car. This, of course, impossible. However, we will give you an idea of the General functions, which you probably don’t remember (unless, of course, I read ever guide to the machine) or just do not know about them.


1) If the lit light bulb next to the fuel indicator in the tank, this does not mean that the car ran out of fuel

Several functions in the car, of which you probably don't know 

Many motorists (especially the younger generation) start to panic when I see the tidy flashing light next to the fuel sensor to alert the driver of low fuel level in the tank. As a result, they begin to quickly look for nearest gas station, often filling in where necessary (including on the questionable gas stations).

But did you know that a burning light you can drive a lot of miles? The fact that each car has a certain reserve of fuel in the tank, which is enough for the traffic even on a burning light bulb. It all depends on how the automaker has set up the low warning fuel level. More about this you can read here, where you will learn how many kilometers can pass your car on an empty tank (the burning light).


2) How to do so, to avoid blinding the cabin rear view mirror

Several functions in the car, of which you probably don't know 

Unfortunately, not all vehicles have cabin rear view mirror automatic dimming. As a result, while driving drivers can dazzle headlights studiomusic cars. Especially if someone turned on the high beams. In most cars the mirror without auto dimming feature of the switch. With it, you can at any time manually change the angle of the mirror that will allow you to darken the mirror and get rid of the bright dazzling rays of light of headlights pasatiempo car.


This is a new feature, it exists already several decades. But many do not know, why it is needed. In fact, if the car behind you will Shine high beam, switching the mirror with a lever in another position, you change the amount of light reaching the mirror from bright headlights.

In the result of distant lights will no longer blind you and you will see pozaviduet car. In principle, the high beam headlights will become dim light. Yes, many people know about this feature. Especially those who have long driving. But this, unfortunately, I don’t know many young drivers who recently got behind the wheel.


3) auto-remote closing or opening glass doors


Some cars (not all) have one great feature, but not many motorists use it in practical purposes. We are talking about the remote opening or closing of the Windows of the car.

For example, in some Ford Mondeo and many BMW cars has a similar option. Even in base trim. Unfortunately, not many modern cars have a similar feature.


So, how does this option do? Imagine that your car has long stood in the sun and is hot. You know, to sit in a stuffy cabin with the temperature in the oven is not very comfortable (even just to turn on the air conditioner).

Several functions in the car, of which you probably don't know

Those machines that are equipped with a remote control window, make the process of getting a stuffy salon more comfortable. To do this, before you get in the car, press the FOB unlock button and hold it for a few seconds. Then enable the option to remote control a Windows machine. In this case, all the car Windows down. Eventually the hot air will quickly come out of the salon, and you can sit down, not too hot in the car and turn on the air conditioner.


The second example. Imagine that you parked the car near the house, coming from work. You went and closed the door. And then I saw that I forgot to close the window on the driver side. Now you need to get back in the car, turn the ignition on and close the window using the button window. But with the option of remote control Windows you don’t need to sit in the car. To do this, press the lock button and hold it. The window will close and magically automatically.


Try doing that with your car, would work. Also read the manual to your machine. It is possible, about this feature there are all explained in detail.