Sedans are no longer popular: This is evident in the analytical data

The most popular sedans in the country – this VAZ 2107, 2016 and “Ten”

Sedans are no longer popular: This is evident in the analytical data

In the 60s, the 70s, partly in the 80s and even in some countries, Russia among them, in 90 years, the cars in the sedan was very popular. The boom of SUVs in our country has not started yet, the real SUVs of those years cost a fortune (because they were real!), but wagons, hatchbacks and coupes all there not got to that point at least some glory. It turns out that he went our motorists all the 90’s and the first half of zero is mostly in four-door vehicles with protruding rear trunk.


But it turns out, the popularity of cars in this body style was so great and so many of them ponakupali at the time that today’s analytical data, the total number of all kinds of vehicles in the country, that of cars in the sedan, there are about 19 million, which corresponds to 44% (!) the fleet of vehicles among all passenger cars!


Why are we talking about the popularity of sedans in the past tense? Is today do not buy them motorists? Buy of course, but not in such quantities, and the fact that the peak of popularity has passed chetyrehdverny says statistics compiled by the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”, here are the Top 10 most popular and widespread sedans in Russia:




On the account in traffic police units.



1 728 500



1 542 700



826 900



726 900



663 200


Renault Logan

654 500



570 900


Lada Granta

567 000


Hyundai Solaris

560 100


Kia Rio

535 900


As you can see the top and sedans are all entirely of domestic production and all old. “Seven” – the leader of the list more than 1.7 million units, “Shah” – 1.5 million units, “Ten”, the more ancient “Five”, which on the roads of the country still travels a decent number 726 thousand In the Top 5 is “99”, they are in big cities much of the afternoon with fire will not find, but someone exploit them, especially since the car has more than 650 thousand cars.


Sedans are no longer popular: This is evident in the analytical data

“Five” – in our days one of the most popular sedans in the country

Of course, we must note that the account in traffic police does not mean that all of the above models VAZ operated, some of it is likely just rot in the wastelands, but nevertheless, the statistics developed in this manner.


Sixth place is occupied by Renault Logan. Here, too, everything is clear – this car is very popular among taxi. Workhorse endured, a lot of oats and then, breaks down often.


Rounding out the list of Top 10 most popular sedans VAZ 2115 – 570.900 PCs, more recent Lada Granta – 567 thousand units and two cars also frequent visitors to the parks – Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio.


So, as you can see, modern sedans at the Top of the “AUTOSTAT” was not included, the Russians finally switched to other types of bodies, diverse, beautiful and fashionable.