Secret video SK: secret room with bribes of traffic police

Give money, more money! Here is how casually “worked” Dpsnikov ransomware

Secret video SK: secret room with bribes of traffic police

“DPS and the chamber of secrets.

6 to 8 years in prison will spend five ex-employees of traffic police of Kislovodsk. Under the threat of falsification of the results of the survey they extorted from drivers from other regions from 15 to 50 thousand roubles” – like this, austere, the final came former members of the platoon as part of a separate company of traffic police OGIBDD OMVD Russia in the city of Kislovodsk.



Casually and slowly the money from law-abiding citizens flowed in the wrong hands. And the most dangerous criminals in uniform.



According to data published today on the website

“The consequence and court it is established that the accomplices of a criminal group in uniform and in the performance of official duties, in advance in the period from 30 June to 23 December 2013, under the pretext of checking documents of the driver of the car was stopped entering the city of Kislovodsk and leaving vehicles, giving preference to vehicles with registration marks of other subjects.


During checking the documents of drivers, they expressed their suspicions about the presence of signs of intoxication then offered to go to the room, located on route patrol. Under the influence of threats and psychological pressure drivers are forced to passed members of the criminal group the required amount of money in the form of a bribe from 12 to 50 thousand rubles for not carrying out administrative procedures. The total amount of the illegal remuneration amounted to more than 450 thousand rubles.”


All five defendants in the case pleaded not guilty, but the investigation has provided evidence and video as one of the main evidence incriminating the accomplice in corruption-related crimes.