Sberbank has developed its own driver’s license with chip

Chipped right from the Bank since December 2018

Sberbank has developed its own driver's license with chip

Sberbank together with the Ministry for digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation presented prototypes of a variety of biometric identity cards. Including in the list of certificates included, and a new driver’s license with a microchip.



New identity documents, get the chip with assembled on citizen biometric information will contain a photo of the owner, his electronic signature and the image of the fingerprint.


As noted in the press release, the developers of a new type of identity, “In the near future from clients of Sberbank will be able to obtain a government issued biometrics new sample in Sberbank without a visit to MFC”.


The owners of the new biometric identity can, in addition to prove their identity to government services that require electronic signature, and to make other legally-significant actions without even leaving home, for example to register remotely the trick.


“Thus, the savings Bank began a major campaign to simplify the delivery of the public services and business”, – emphasized in a press release.


Sberbank has developed its own driver's license with chip

Yesterday also it became known that from December 1, Sberbank plans to start issuing driver chip, which will contain all of the required biometric data, the photo, al. the signature and the image of the fingerprints of the owner.


“We will have a driver’s license, and then, and the so-called ALG (citizen identification card), an analogue of the passport. Hopefully, after some time paper ID leave and will remain this form,” said senior Vice President, head of unit “Corporate business” of the savings Bank Anatoly Popov.



According to Anatoly Popova, the issue of the driver’s license was approved and adopted by the Ministry of internal Affairs, therefore, did not have any administrative barriers to the promotion of the idea to the masses.


Biometric identity cards Sberbank and Minzifa demonstrated a week ago at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.