Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States

Like a secret project of the underground car became the subject of national security of the USSR.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States 

If you ever or your kids watched the iconic cartoon “the Incredibles” and the beginning of the continuation of the animated series “the Incredibles 2”, you probably remember how suddenly, in pozemkom pulled out of the ground in the center of the city anti-hero of the animated cartoon, whose name is Podrywaczki. What we remembered this episode with an underground excavation machine? You will not believe it, but during the cold war, the Soviet Union, it seems, has created just such a geokhod. And, apparently, this brutal underground machine was equipped with a nuclear Arsenal. Surprised?

Because something like that can only be seen in the pages of fiction books. You will not believe it, but most of all, our country really had developed such an underground beast, which got even the name – “Battle mole”. In the cartoon “the Incredibles” Podzemka really very similar to what has developed our military and engineers in the early 60-ies of the last century. For example here’s excerpt from the popular animated film.



“Fighting mole” was a type of vehicle known in the world as an Underground boat (lat. Subterrina), pozemkom, geokhod – ground/underground version of the submarine.

Since the earth’s surface is not water, the process of dip in the ground a lot harder than water.


In fact, any underground machinery – this is a specific upgraded version of tunnel complexes (shields, TPK), is not intended to create or tunnels for the extraction of earthen rock. Military digger is also a tunneling shield adapted for military use.


Unlike submarines when creating underground boat, the main obstacle is the need for huge power (at least several tens of megawatts). The fact that when moving under the ground there is a huge consumption of energy. After all, to move underground, you need the rapid destruction of terrestrial rocks. Including mountain. In addition, the main problem for creation of such underground transport is safety.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States 

By the way, like earthmoving machinery, you really could be found in various literature. More, of course, you can read about it in the scientific literature. But not paid attention to such transportation and fiction.


One of the most famous books about the underground machine is the novel “the Winner of the depths”, which was written by Russian writer Grigory Adamov. The novel tells about a scientific expedition deep into the earth. The purpose of the expedition is to establish and deliver people a new inexhaustible source of energy.


You will not believe it, but the real development of such geojedo occurred in the 20th century in the 1920s and 1930-ies in various countries, including Germany, USA and Russia.


We want to stay on the Russian developments. The fact that, apparently, our country has managed to create a real working prototype, in contrast to Germany and the United States, which then project on paper it is not gone.


In the 1930-ies, the Russian inventor A. Trebeleva began development of an underground machine. At design time, the inventor studied the x-rays of the skeleton of the mole. For this mole planted in a box filled with earth, and placed him under x-rays. In the end Trebali with her colleagues saw how the skeleton moves and muscle of the mole when he digs the earth, making a path for movement under the ground.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States 

Unfortunately, despite the many different reference books about this earth-moving machine, we had difficulty determining the true size of geokhod. It is also unclear how the car Trebeleva was controlled: remotely or piloted it from the inside.


We have studied many documents about this project, but have not found a large scale underground mole should be in reality. However, there are several drawings which indirectly proves that Podzemka is a vehicle with a pilot inside. Maybe even with a group of the crew. Look, we cut for you illustration from one of the popular magazine. Here is clearly visible to the pilot. There is one person standing in the underground car upright.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States 

As we have noted, in order for this “mole” could travel through solid ground of the earth, creating tunnels behind him, it was necessary to solve the main problem associated with the rapid destruction of solid terrestrial rocks. This can be done in only one way: start at the end of the underground car extreme high temperature that would melt solid rock. But in those years it was difficult to generate enough energy to create on the nose underground boat such a high temperature. Before the advent of nuclear energy, it was very difficult.


There are a lot of conflicting information, but apparently our country by 1964, was able to create a “Battle mole”, which used a nuclear reactor, similar to the type used for Russian nuclear submarines. And various facts and documents indicate that our designers managed to create a layout or a prototype, and really fully realize the project in the form of a solid combat ship.


Naturally, the level of secrecy of this car in those years was the maximum. Therefore, some facts about earth-moving military machine began to surface only today. In the first place was secret information about the purpose of creating such an underground monster.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States 

Some sources and experts suggest that the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev wanted to “Battle mole” was created as a war machine, which is able to attack and destroy the American underground facilities, communications infrastructure and silo launchers, designed to launch ballistic missiles.


By the way, this project excites the minds of many. Here’s an excerpt from an article in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, dedicated to this military machine:


“We know that the project is actively supported Khrushchev. Still, the Soviet underground apparatus could break through the earth, passing through rock like a knife through butter. Maybe Khrushchev was an extravagant dream that the time will come when Soviet steel fist will come out from underground directly into the White house lawn in Washington? That will still be a gruel!”

And I must admit, that car was a beast really would be able to hold and “mother” and “grandmother” and “grandfather” any enemy.

“Battle mole”, presumably, was in the diameter of 3-4 meters and about 25-35 feet in length. There was a crew of 5 people. Underground boat could carry up to one ton of cargo. Probably, this capacity was required to transport explosives or other weapons.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States

The machine used a nuclear reactor to generate energy for melting of solid rocks of the earth’s surface, which collapsed, fell under the car, allowing the mole to move forward (on the nose of the ship used a high speed drill setting)

with incredible speed of 7 km/hour.

It’s a damn fast speed to pass under the ground of hard stones.


In the Network there are many different patterns that reveal to us, how could look this combat jahodna machine. Among them it is difficult to determine where the real visualization, where the usual futuristic drawings that have nothing to do with “Fighting mole”. So leave it to you to decide about the reliability of the appearance of this war machine. But the fact that the project was still implemented by the Russian military, is beyond doubt.


One possible purpose of this machine was to off the coast of California to bury in geologically unstable areas, and using nuclear explosions to cause on the coast of earthquake, tsunami and other devastating events.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States 

You think this is fiction? Actually no. The fact that the “Fighting mole” was tested in the Ural mountains. And the first tests showed that the underground boat passes through the stone like a knife through butter. During testing, underground machine have not only reached the earth-depths, but also destroyed the test objective – the underground bunker.


But in the end the project ended very well. There are reports that during the next test in the mountains of the “Fighting mole” exploded underground. As on Board was a nuclear reactor during the explosion, the crew and the machine itself disappeared. Here, for example, writes on its website “Russian newspaper”:


“The first tests gave great results. “Fighting mole” really quietly bit into the rocks and left in their depth with an unprecedented sinking machinery speed. However, during the next trials in 1964 machine penetrated into the Ural mountains in Nizhny Tagil at a distance of 10 km, for unknown reasons, exploded. Since the explosion was nuclear, that the unit itself was in him, people just disappeared, and punched the tunnel collapsed. The press mentioned the name of the deceased commander of the “Fighting mole” – Colonel Simon Budnikov. But official confirmation of this never sounded. The project was closed, all the documentary evidence about him eliminated, as if nothing had happened”.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States

Let’s be honest. We do not know, alas, whether it is possible to trust many sources in the Network. Still, you need to understand that the project was super secret and it is possible that he is still lying in files marked “top secret information”. In this case, it is unlikely that information and rendered drawings in the Network is reliable.

Russia may, once built an underground nuclear submarine to attack the United States

Personally our opinion that indeed such a machine Trebeleva existed in the Soviet years. But, as we think, its devastating power and ability have been exaggerated.

By the way, there are even incredible explanations for why “Battle mole” exploded underground.

For example, here’s an excerpt from a science fiction version:

“We are looking for aliens in outer space. Maybe another civilization exists literally under our feet? And the guards didn’t want it to Soviet “mole” had penetrated into the forbidden limits. Because the technical specifications were “Fighting mole” to reach the center of the Earth. Therefore, a unique underground car was destroyed. And the mystery of the old Soviet project is unlikely to be ever fully disclosed”.