Riding without a inspection will cost 2000 rubles (instead of 800)

In the absence of inspection will be to monitor the camera, the fine will amount to 2 thousand rubles

Riding without a inspection will cost 2000 rubles (instead of 800)

That the responsibility for inspection will increase, and traffic will again begin checking motorists for valid inspection, all motorists and the staff of inspection stations know from the beginning of 2018. Information about this appeared in late January: the traffic police will again check on-road inspection


To be fined for lack of inspection will be passed for 2,000 rubles

Riding without a inspection will cost 2000 rubles (instead of 800)

Mass reform, which is aimed at tightening the responsibility for the alleged inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle, and hence the suppression issue on the road is dangerous for life of the car continues.


As you know, the Administrative code of the Russian Federation will contribute an article, which returns the fines for motorists whose vehicles have not passed technical inspection. For operators who spend the responsibility will be even tougher – until the criminal or tens, hundreds of thousands of fines.


Was designated the fine for driving without inspection – 800 rubles, and that the law will be assigned the opportunity to check the availability of the inspection with recording cameras. Data for each car will be taken from the Unified automated information system (EAISTO).

But as it turned out, a fine of 800 rubles, apparently, no longer meet modern demands. Need greater responsibility in the absence of a valid diagnostic card TS, as considered in the Ministry and proposed a package of amendments to the administrative offences Code and the law on inspection. Under amendments to fine motorists for driving without a passed inspection will be 2,000 rubles, instead of the planned 800 rubles.

It is noted that the amendments are likely to come into force in the new, changed form, as they were supported at the highest level ministries and services: Ministry of transport, Ministry of communications, Rostransnadzora and FAS.

Violation, as planned, will be recorded by the cameras automatic photo and video recording. And because cameras in many regions has put a lot (That’s all the cameras used on the roads of Russia) fine for driving without inspection is scheduled once a day and only one camera fixing.

On the road again will be fined for a lack of technical inspection

Responsibility of operators of checkup will be higher

Riding without a inspection will cost 2000 rubles (instead of 800)

There will be also changes in the criminal code. Plant for a period of 5 years will be workers of technical inspection for maintenance without the necessary accreditation. This will be the maximum liability for the violation of the law. In other cases, the operator or his staff will get tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles by admin. responsibility. From 5 to 10 thousand rubles for employees of items of a technical review in which the employee was given a scan card THAT is faulty on the car or not conducted inspection no.

Non-accredited car inspection stations engaged in illegal conduct, get at least 300 thousand rubles “administrative punishments” or until the prosecution of instigators of illegal businesses.