Riding uphill in the winter. What you need to know?

What to remember when driving uphill on the winter road.

Riding uphill in the winter. What you need to know? 

Driving on the road covered with snow or ice, is a challenging task. But most of all the dangers waiting for us when we’re going uphill. What to do to move forward and overcome the hill without any problems?


January, February is a popular time for skating and skiing. But it is also the most difficult for drivers who live in the Northern regions of Russia, as this period is associated with severe frost alternating with thaw, and constant snowfall, which, as always, are our public services by surprise.


Therefore, all drivers should be prepared for various weather conditions while driving. You should be prepared for the fact that not always the road is dry and clean. But most importantly, what you need to be ready to overcome the hills on the road that is covered with snow and ice. Unfortunately, even experienced drivers often do in such places mistakes, not seldom leading to an accident. So, how to overcome the road uphill?

1. Momentum (increase engine speed) , the vehicle must be long before the roller coaster – too late to press the gas pedal it may be too late.

2. Ideally, you should not allow wheel slippage. For this you need to choose the right transfer and manipulate the gas pedal.

In the case of wheel spin is necessary to reduce the pressure on the gas pedal, but at the same time, you need to try to keep the vehicle in motion, to avoid stopping the machine, whereby you will have to get a move on that slippery road it is not always possible, – says Artem Aleksandrov, the Director of the School of safe driving “Skit”.

3. Wheels should be aimed straight. This provides them a better grip.

4. What to do if you can’t move on? Put rubber mats under the wheels of a car, or sprinkled under the wheels with sand (you can substitute pellets for kitty litter) in the winter you can carry a small amount of sand or granules.

5. Be ready to different situations on the winter road, and before heading on a journey, during which we may encounter impassable and snow-covered roads, we have to put in the trunk chains that will help you to go uphill on icy roads. However, you need to install the chain in a timely manner, because when your car is stuck in the snow, chains are unlikely to help.