Restoring headlamps to a perfect Shine

How to restore headlights without a nervous breakdown

Restoring headlamps to a perfect Shine

Before every driver will sooner or later face the problem – how to clean headlights. The use of generic cleaning kits gives short-term results — oxidation appears few weeks at best in a month. Replacement lenses and the secondary Assembly is expensive — from 6 000 rubles per set. How to clean headlights quickly, cheaply without much effort?

The use of wiper

Restoring headlamps to a perfect Shine

Oxidation of the lens of the diffusion of light leads to the fact that the part quickly turns yellow and does not provide an optimal beam of light on the road, the light becomes not only worse, but significantly distorts the perspective. In the murky light of the headlights is quite difficult to navigate the distance to the object.

If the clouding or yellowing of the lens of the lens is negligible, you can use the wiper without alcohol. When significant oxidation of the outer surface, you can use the Polish for the body. The material is composed of large abrasive particles which will further grind the item.

Restoring headlamps to a perfect Shine

In order to clean the inner part of the headlights, you must remove the item from the car and use a degreaser or Windex. The view that the reflector can be cleaned with alcohol or vodka, is justified — indeed, the first time alcohol will perfectly clean the surface of the headlights, but will make protective coating on the light reflector is loose, and after a while the optics of the vehicle will always fail.

You can use regular dishwashing detergent or micellar water (without alcohol).

Grinding Polish

Restoring headlamps to a perfect Shine

In polishing the toothpaste contains fine abrasive particles. Before you apply it to the headlight, should protect the rubberized plastic around the edge of the headlights. This can be done with the blue tape. Blue color standard indicates a slight tightness of the material, and in this case it will not damage automotive paint.

Apply wax in a thin layer on the headlamp lens and in a circular motion to clean the glass from oxidation. If the pollution is significant, instead of textile rags ispolzuut sandpaper. Headlight wipe with soap and water or cleaner and polished with wet sandpaper. The more oxidation, the more abrasive you need to take emery paper.

After removing the oxidized layer on the surface of the lens may remain small scratches. They should be cleaned with sandpaper of grit 2500 grit, then apply paste (wax) for plastics on the entire surface of the lights and leave for a few minutes.

The final step is to Polish the lens with a soft lint-free cloth, remove the tape and enjoy the pure and steady light.

Author: S. Vasilenko

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