Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission

Is it worth repairing an automatic transmission?

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission  

Faulty automatic transmission does not need to be replaced – is almost always possible, and repair. The only question is, and what is more profitable: to repair transmission or buy new? We offer you an overview of all costs related to the transmission failure, and reasoning about what is still better: renovation or new automatic transmission.


No matter what kind of box is it: a classic automatic transmission, the dual-clutch gearbox or even a stepless box – if the transmission is damaged, the repair or the purchase will cost you dearly. This sophisticated auto part can sometimes cost more than a new mini car. Repair, automatic transmissions are often cheaper than buying a new transmission.


Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmissionHowever, the automatic transmission repair is not the best choice. Everything is, of course, depends on the master or the garage in General. Since the automatic transmission is much more complicated than mechanical, conventional garages or workshops without much experience and without the proper tools is unlikely you repair automatic transmission.

Many of the normal services will not even be able to conduct an electronic diagnosis of automatic transmission in the absence of specialized expensive equipment. The fact that eh and electronic module require advanced diagnostics automatic transmission. Unfortunately, many garages often lack this type of work. As a result, many service centers do not repair the “machines”, offering only a replacement transmission for a new one.


Replacement or repair? Alternatives to new transmission

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Replacement of faulty automatic transmission on the new is a relatively quick procedure, but more expensive. Often the costs exceed the residual value of the car (market value). As a result, car owners only have a few options: sell the car with a faulty box or look for a garage where repair automatic transmission.

Most car owners hearing about a fault in the automatic transmission, decide to sell a used car. But this is due to the fact that many car owners do not know what damaged the automatic transmission can be restored. Although, of course, it all depends on the nature of the damage. But, according to statistics, the failure of expensive components in the automatic transmission, as well as their complex replacement, does not happen very often. However, in this case, repair the machine is not worth it because most likely it will cost a very tidy sum.


More often than not, in the automatic transmission fly internal worn parts, which in most cases are changed easily enough. For example, the most often failure of a control unit or torque Converter. In this case, the repair is sufficient to replace the defective parts.

In many workshops, practice exchange the broken box for a rebuilt. In this case, you give your faulty automatic transmission, and in return you give the same rebuilt transmission.


The cost of repairing an automatic transmission

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Depending on the type and quantity of transmission new automatic transmission can cost on average up to 700-800 thousand rubles. However, this applies to premium cars. On cheaper cars the new automatic transmission are two times cheaper. But it is also very expensive. Especially for owners of used cars whose market value may be comparable (and even smaller) with the cost of new boxes.

However, the average cost of repairs is 80 000-150 000 rubles (plus removal and installation). On more expensive cars repair, automatic transmission can, on average, cost twice the price. Yes, of course, as we have said, repair repair strife. It all depends on what flew in the automatic transmission and how long it takes to restore it. In some cases, the repair cost can increase by 50 percent.


Decisive in the question of cost, what kind of box is it: a classic automatic transmission with torque Converter, semi-automatic (transmission with dual clutch) or a continuously variable gearbox (CVT). How much would it cost to repair boxes can only show its integrated diagnostics.

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

By the way, be careful with refurbished transmissions that are sold online on popular message boards. Those who are well versed in this subject, know that the purchase of such boxes recovered from the hands is fraught with some unpleasant surprises. The fact that buying the transmission according to the announcement, you risk to buy a broken unit, that will at first show no symptoms, working as expected.

But then the automatic transmission will suddenly spring a surprise. It is unlikely then you will find a private seller who sold you the faulty automatic transmission. But even if you find, you likely will not be able to return it. The seller will find you a thousand reasons why you can’t return the box.


How is the repair?

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

If the transmission is no longer functioning properly, first, the master needs to do a test drive and check how the automatic transmission works on the go. The technician then needs to find out from the driver, in which situation while driving a defect has occurred (the circumstances under which the box started to behave incorrectly). All this is necessary to first determine what kind of defect in question: mechanical or electronic.


It is worth noting that some automatic transmission have two control boxes. In this case, the transmission has a lot of electronics, which can cause errors in the transmission.

Test drive and accurate description of the symptoms owner help the technician to determine the cause of the fault.


In addition, the wizard checks the oil level in the automatic transmission, to ensure that the reason for the poor performance of the transmission was not bad oil, which could lead not only to mistakes of the gearshift, but also become the main culprit for wear and tear on the box.

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Then the car raised on the lift, and transmission, weighing up to 100 kilograms, removed from the machine. After that, the automatic transmission is disassembled into separate parts which are cleaned. By the way, for those who don’t know: manual transmission often only weigh 25 to 30 kilograms, which, as you can see, compared to the automatic transmission much less.


Next, the wizard inspects all automatic transmission parts. Damaged components are replaced. Including change and some other details that have extensive wear. And worn parts should be replaced even if they came back down.

Then the carton is collected and checked for functionality. This process on average takes 1 to 2 days.

The well-known firm or famous in the auto world private master always give a warranty on their work.


Automatic gearbox: fault detection

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Unfortunately, the manual transmission transmission attract the attention of car owner much earlier than in transmission, where for a long time, automatic transmission may not operate correctly seamlessly to the driver. For example, in a mechanical box of a gear shift knob can be difficult to right gear. Or, to the engaged gear, the car moves off. It all says that there are issues with the manual transmission. But in a car with an automatic transmission should be more careful in order to detect defects, automatic transmission. Otherwise, if you delay the repair, you can kill the box without the possibility of recovery.


What is the first thing to pay attention in order not to miss problems with automatic transmission? First, of course, is right to sound the alarm if machine started roughly change gears. Also note the acceleration of the car. For example, if the car thinks for a long time to disperse, late gear changes, then, most likely, in the automatic transmission has problems. Including remember that vibration when you start or knocks (especially when shifting) also point to the signs of a faulty automatic transmission.

Besides the typical symptoms of this box is the inclusion of high gear when the machine is at low speed and the delay box in response to the action of the driver by moving the handle of the automatic transmission in different modes.


Cause damage to the automatic transmission

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Automatic transmissions are considered to be extremely reliable and durable. But if automatic transmission to operate incorrectly (wrong drive mode) or not to switch, the transmission’s service life may significantly decrease.

However, the correct operation of the automatic transmission does not guarantee you 100% the durability of the unit. The fact that it is impossible to prevent defects in material and deterioration of the automatic transmission due to a large load such as uphill or permanent towing a trailer with a heavy load. Including cold transmission can also quickly lose your potential lifespan.

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

For example, if the cold box is subjected to high loads, is greatly drained her. That’s why the gearbox should always warm up before going on the roads leading to the mountain, or if you are going to carry a heavy trailer (trailers, trailer, horsebox or trailer with the boat). When they return to the same automatic transmission before driving the transmission fluid reaches optimum lubricity and prevent when driving with load wear.


As in the mechanical box, and gear oil in the automatic transmission ensures minimal friction of the mechanical components of the box, removes abrasive particles and protects the components from corrosion.

Unfortunately, like motor oil, transmission fluid in the gearbox requires regular scheduled replacement. If you don’t change the oil in the automatic transmission, due to the loss of properties of the oil inside the box there will be higher friction between the parts, which consequently, will cause a lot of wear and tear on all drivetrain components. As a result, some individual components of the gearbox may overheat and even to fail.

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Meanwhile you have to remember that not all automatic transmissions are equally reliable. Autoworld during the long history of automotive industry knows many examples when a car company released a, frankly, bad units. This also applies to transmissions. Especially automatic. So, it is well known that such transmission as Multitronic from Audi (as well as nearly all gearboxes with a dual clutch) is not very reliable and have a small resource. By the way, these gear box (DSG) is offered by automakers under different names.


For example, Renault calls them “EDC” (Efficient Dual Clutch). In the Porsche transmission with dual clutch called a “PDK” (Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe). In Ford, this type of boxes is called “Powershift”. Audi – “S Tronic”.

Unfortunately, for these types of transmission damage at 60 000 kilometres or more are not unusual.


Change transmission oil in an automatic transmission

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

To prevent damage to the automatic transmission should regularly change the transmission oil. Although many manufacturers in their manuals and service books often say to the owners that the oil in the automatic transmission is filled for entire service life, resulting in transmission does not need maintenance. But remember that the laws of physics and chemistry has not been canceled.

Oil will not last forever and as the operation of the machine, of course, loses its properties, with the result that sooner or later impact on the resource of transmission. So, oil by increasing vehicle mileage contaminated and loses its viscosity and lubricity. Also on the condition of the oil is influenced by driving style and operating conditions (load, climatic conditions, etc.). All this, of course, can significantly reduce the service life of the automatic transmission, if you do not change timely oil.

This is especially true of expensive gear oil, which typically has a high proportion of various chemical additives provides the oil a longer period of operation without the loss of chemical properties. Nevertheless, such oils eventually lose their properties due to the cessation of work additives. As a result, even in the boxes with the expensive oil to change the transmission fluid in the 80 000-100 000 km.


The cost of replacing the gear oil in the gearbox

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Cost to replace oil in automatic transmission consists of the cost of oil, filter and working time spent by the master. The price tags on gear oil depend on the type of the liquid used in the box. On average, the oil in the box is in Russia 1000 rubles for 1 liter. There are, of course, oil is more expensive, and cheaper. How to put oil in the box, you have to decide individually.

It all depends on what kind of oil and what kind of tolerances encourages you to use your vehicle’s manufacturer. Also suggest to read some car forums, where people tend to write reviews about the use of a particular oil. The final cost of the oil you need will depend on how much fluid accommodates the automatic transmission of your car.


With regards to work, on average, to replace oil in automatic transmission will cost you 1000 rubles. Of course, if it is to change the oil from private owners in the garage, the work will be cheaper. If official, then cook 2-3 times more money.

It should be noted that typically work on oil change car repair add also work on flushing the automatic transmission.


Drain the oil in the automatic transmission

Repair of an automatic transmission as an alternative to buying a new automatic transmission 

Because simply changing the oil in the gearbox is about half of the old waste oil, many service centers recommend flushing the transmission. Judging by the description of the service, gearbox is cleaned by removing the old oil. Then, in the automatic transmission, depending on the car model, adds 4 to 12 liters of new transmission fluid. In order to when draining the old oil left no residue on some car repair AKPP washed under high pressure.


However, please note that it is often imposed, the procedures for flushing the automatic transmission can damage the sensitive components of the automatic transmission, which can cause serious damage much later in the process of further operation of the vehicle. So many garages do not offer flush automatic transmission or offer to flush the transmission is under a lower pressure.


Tips that will help you to increase the service life of automatic transmission


  • Regular replacement of the automatic gearbox oil and control over its level:missing or old transmission fluid causing damage to transmission. If the manufacturer indicates in the manual the oil change interval in the transmission, this should be done every 80,000 to 100,000 miles.
  • Try not to touch the box about the road surface: hard contact transmission with the ground, a curb or road surface can damage the transmission.
  • Good driving:do not expose the gearbox to high loads in the beginning of the movement when the oil in automatic transmission has warmed up to operating temperature (rise in the hill, hauling trailers, driving at high speeds). This leads to wear and tear. To find out what the oil in the automatic transmission is warmed up, you can focus on the engine – if it is heated to operating temperature, the oil in the gearbox also warmed, since heat from the motor is also transmitted and the transmission.
  • Drain oil:the many problems with the automatic transmission can often be resolved by the usual draining of the old oil.

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