“RC” the dog is the latest development of scientists

Scientists have created a remote-controlled dog: video

All ingenious – is simple. Knows young and old, but to invent something simple and, most importantly, to apply it in practice quite difficult. For example, here is the research of Japanese scientists who have developed a special system of remote control of the dog. With it, you can make your pet the real bionic RC car. Sounds fantastic?


It is actually quite simple, one might even say – primitive. Similar stunts certainly did all cat people or dog people (underline) over their Pets with a laser pointer or of a sunbeam reflected from the mirror surface.


The only difference is that Japanese scientists came up with a more technologically progressive parties, developing special light emitting vest. Here’s how it works:


As can be seen, puppy is manipulating the Assembly in the jacket, equipped with four lanterns. In this experiment researchers from the Tohoku University demonstrate how a well-trained dog can be moved along a predetermined path on complicated terrain using quantum dots, as someone who does the same thing when it moves over the points on the map.


How practical can be such an invention? Hmm, maybe a well-trained dog will be able to perform various responsibilities assigned to it, for example in an emergency situation, in the service of rescuers. The search for missing persons, orienteering (a vest equipped with a camera transmitting images to the monitor of the remote control) is implemented. Despite the fact that this is going to be a fun game, but not a difficult job. Importantly’t forget to treat pet treat!