Raketomobil of Smart is a really cool race car: video

This Smart you have not seen. The new model is equipped with a rocket engine

Raketomobil of Smart is a really cool race car: video

Rocket engines have started to put in a variety of racing cars in the United States, as soon as most of these rockets was made “CLASSIFIED”. The old engines were decommissioned and sent for recycling. At this point, just stepped in enthusiasts, capturing military supplies, all by hook or by crook buying booster part of the rocket and putting it on the car, creating of killing machines, sports cars for drag racing.


In the course of evolution projects “rakotomalala”, jet engines were installed on various types of vehicles, from the average cars, to buses and even trucks.


And no matter involved then these “supersonic” cars in real races, or acted as shoukarov, they were always a special family among all the racing cars in the world. Clumsy, clumsy, but pretty damn fast on a straight stretch.


Raketomobil of Smart is a really cool race car: video

So, a few weeks earlier, in the Internet appeared the info on another jet car, which was made on the basis of the Smart minicar. Can’t believe it when I hear it! Smart with a jet engine! Nevertheless – it’s true.


Jet engine (General Electric T58-GE03 with afterburner) installed on the passenger side, runs through the entire length of the car and has a maximum capacity of 2.000 HP


Surprisingly, the factory three-cylinder motor remains in its usual place, under the rear cargo compartment. The car is fully functional – it even has the official license plate Colorado. Air conditioning even works with the wipers together.


But as soon as you launch the turbine, the machine is instantly transformed, ready and eager to fight. According to the estimates of the project’s author, bill Berg, “Smart” will be able to accelerate more than 320 km/h Is incredible! So baby, Yes at that speed…