Quiz: USA vs Russia

Test: you’ll never guess what’s in Russia than in the US?

Quiz: USA vs Russia

We have gas and oil. In the US, too. We have a Lada Granta, Lada Vesta and field, they have Hummer, Ford Mustang and General Motors. We have a computer Elbrus, they have the iMac and IBM. But all this is not to say that we lag behind America. Thank God, we have, for example, there is no such President, as trump. But do you think we still are ahead of the US on various indicators? It turns out that in many ways. And not only from a negative point of view. We offer you to go today not the usual quiz, which is based on comparing different indicators of the two largest countries in the world: Russia and the United States.


Please note, the test is not easy. But that doesn’t make it less interesting. I hope that even if you don’t know the answers to some questions, you will discover many interesting things, passing our new test.

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So there you go!

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