Quiz: guess car parts

Quiz: will you be Able to recognize the correct parts of the car.

Quiz: guess car parts

Think you know everything about your car? Or perhaps you think that you know how to look all the car parts? Then test your knowledge in our new quiz, where you have to guess the car parts.


Regardless of whether you run your own automotive shop, make minor repairs and upgrades of your car or just show academic interest in vehicles, understanding the role of separate parts is as important as the recognition of brands and models.

Quiz: guess car parts 

The more you know about the materials that make up the cars, the easier they are to repair, upgrade or evaluate why it’s not working. All drivers can benefit from this information, and the sharper your automotive interests, the more important it is to know.

So far, the new car test, you need to guess as more car parts. Good luck!

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