Quiz: do you Know how to maintain the car

How often do you service your car

Every 5 000 km Every 8,000 km Every 10,000 km Every 12,000 km Every 15 000 km Every 20 000 km maintenance


Quiz: Test your knowledge on machine maintenance.

Quiz: do you Know how to maintain the car 

We all know that any car requires regular maintenance, without which even the most reliable car in the world will fall apart in a short time. But do you know how to service your car, as well as the timing of the most important technical works? We offer you to test your knowledge in our small quiz.


What does regular maintenance of the car? Of course, life. After all the planning THAT is the best way of increasing the lifetime of the car. During maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s plan, not just change all the necessary consumables, but also provides diagnosis of all components of the car.

As a result, only with regular maintenance your machine will always serviceable and will not present you with unexpected surprises in the form of increased fuel consumption or breakages.

Sometimes routine maintenance, many motorists may seem prohibitively expensive. But do not forget that, neglecting the regular routine maintenance and all recommended works, you risk to earn an extra headache in the form of more expensive major breakdowns.

Quiz: do you Know how to maintain the car 

So here’s our next small test that will allow you to test yourself on the knowledge of simple things about the service are important parts of the car. It is worth noting that this is the first part of the test. Later we will publish a new version, affecting other components in the car that need regular maintenance.

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So there you go. Here is a new test dedicated to the maintenance of the car. Good luck!!!


Quiz: do you Know how to service your car