How to put on an engine turbine: Video

What you need to know when installing a turbine on an engine

How to put on an engine turbine: Video

Here’s what you need in order to install a turbine on a car with atmospheric engine.

Once I understood that I need to install the turbine on his car, which was the usual 2.5-liter naturally aspirated diesel engine. Asked around for advice from friends and climb the forums and came to the conclusion that this venture can be implemented, but the increase in power will absolutely not meet the costs that lie ahead for me in the realization of this adventure. Well, if you put a bigger turbine with a large boost pressure, you need all the cart and a small truck of money, because under the replacement automatically placed gearbox, gears, drives, and even brakes.

Followed appeared in the possession of the vehicle, such ideas me visited, but the most important thing “but” this time was the imminent decline of the resource, this time a petrol 1.8 liter engine.

How to put on an engine turbine: Video

However, reading the forums in the Internet and in the foreign segment of the Internet, you can easily come to the conclusion that this topic remains popular among fans of tuning, not stopping for time-consuming and in connection with a monetary expenditure, they are not even afraid of what the engine can fail. For these guys the perfect speed and create something new based on existing technical basis. A laudable thirst for adventure, nothing to say.

No more than four days ago on the website was published video Engineering Explained to Jason Fenske in which were explained the basics of the installation of the turbine on an engine.

Today we will not go into the technical details of this event, but only publish videos (manual on inclusion translated into Russian language of subtitles place at the end of the news), for those who want to know more about how to install the turbine on an engine next Friday we will write a detailed article.

And while repeat the five main things to consider when installing turbines at neurbiology engine:

  • 1. To purchase a turbine suitable characteristics for this type of engine
  • 2. Install the new fuel components of the engine including fuel pump, high pressure pump, if any, more efficient fuel injectors. Also in the video talk about the need to use high octane fuel if you intend to significantly raise engine power.
  • 3. In the presence of engine control unit ECU (the ECU) it will be subject to replacement or recalibration for proper nutrition of the engine.
  • 4. Additionally, you will need to replace the sensors responsible for the operation of the engine in certain modes of operation, install an intercooler, change plugs to a different type, install the spacer between the head and the engine block to reduce the compression or use special pistons are also designed to reduce compression.
  • 5. And finally, the fifth main point, you want to find a good artists and professionals that all this stuff will be installed correctly outcalibrate.

Briefly – it was the basic tips given in the video. Read more about the installation of the turbine we will write next week. See you soon!

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How to put on an engine turbine: Video

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How to put on an engine turbine: Video