Proper lighting of the car

That’s why it’s so important to monitor the performance of car lighting

Proper lighting of the car

Each year, more than half of motorists operating their cars with faulty brake lights, Parking lights or headlights. Unfortunately, the poor lighting of the car often becomes the cause of the accident. Especially in the dark.

With the onset of winter, when daylight was very short, motorists are required to check the car lighting and in the case of Troubleshooting to eliminate them. Here are tips for those who want to keep the lights in proper condition.


Unfortunately, the recent trip inspection on the vehicle went out of fashion. Fewer drivers pay attention to the technical condition of his car. And not the fault of the crisis. Many motorists were treated to the car as the kettle, the microwave, the smartphone, etc., believing that they can long work without glitches. But the car is not a common technique, which also, by the way, you need to follow. Don’t forget that the vehicle is subject to high risk. But road safety is primarily in the hands of the driver. That’s why every driver is obliged to regularly monitor the technical state of his car, checking and examining all the important components before you get on the road.


It is not difficult before the trip to examine the car. It does not need a lot of time and do not have to be an expert to detect many different problems that can interfere with the trip. For example, you will immediately see the problems with the tires or non-working spotlights, dimensions and turn signals.

So pay attention to your car. Never take the road if you are not sure that the car components work lighting and signal lamps.


How to check the lighting

Proper lighting of the car

  • Check brake lights

Back up in front of a bright, perfectly white wall. Then on the brake pedal. Each side of the car should throw a red light on the wall that you can easily see in the rear view mirror of the car.


  • Check low beam, high beam headlamp

Expand car and place the front part in front of the wall at a distance of several meters. So you can easily check the function of high beam. It is necessary for your own safety and the safety of other road users.


Setting the correct lighting

Proper lighting of the car

Adjustment of the headlights of the car – this, of course, the competence of the specialized workshops. Only they have expensive special equipment to make good measurements of the headlights.

As a rule, in the garage you can adjust the low beam headlights and fog lamps.

Remember that over time, the headlight adjustment can be off. This can lead to blinding oncoming drivers. So if you often flash high beams, be sure to check the headlight setting. It is possible that the dim light of your car blinding oncoming cars.


Unfortunately, in many modern cars today are not enough mechanical adjustment of the headlights. For example, in some new cars to adjust the low beam headlight must be connected to the car diagnostic equipment which can be used to set the zero position of the headlamp. It is primarily concerned with modern lighting systems such as xenon and led headlamps.

Unfortunately, unlike halogen headlight repair, setup is not working correctly optics is only possible by using expensive measuring computer equipment.


Daytime running lights (DRL)

Proper lighting of the car

Many drivers are wondering why the car manufacturers don’t equip the rear of the car is fashionable today, daytime led running lights. And the thing is that daytime running lights (DRL) was established to better identify road users who are approaching towards you or approaching you from the side of the intersection. So there is no need to light DRL rear of the machine. As you can see, the task of this type of lighting is different.


Despite this, the performance of DRL is very important. If your car is out of order daytime running lights, you have to put in order. Otherwise your car is broken and you have no right under the SDA to travel on public roads.


Led lights

Proper lighting of the car

Some motorists are often blinded by oncoming vehicles, equipped with led optics. This is despite the fact that the brightness of the light for led headlights have limitations. Exactly the same as apply to led and xenon light sources. Unfortunately, many of the automakers have too bright led lights. And let though they pass safety standards, in some conditions led headlights can dazzle oncoming stream of cars. Especially in the dark. Also can be blinded drivers who have diseases of the eye.


Automotive LEDs the first generation very light sharp edge (cut-off). In the end, the transition from light to dark is very sharp. This often leads to the fact that the driver behind the wheel of a car, equipped with LED headlamps of the first generation may not see some of the objects on the road because of sudden change from bright light to dark. So when driving on a dark road, better slow it down.


In newer cars, light edge led lighting more soft. It is safer and more comfortable for the driver. Also, these lights less blind pedestrians and other drivers.

However, the efficiency of LEDs drops when the headlamp is dirty. That’s why it’s so important, before you hit the road, clean lights of dirt and dust. And even though LED lights are very susceptible to bad lighting due to the pollution compared to, for example, with xenon, still follow the frequency of car optics is a duty of each driver.


Led brake lights and led turn signals

Proper lighting of the car

Many motorists complain that the led brake lights are often too bright and dazzle other drivers. With regards to led turn signals, some car led turn signals fail. Yes, it is. Unfortunately, these technologies are still young. Nevertheless, they are permitted for use on cars.


So if you dazzle rear brake lights of a fashionable new cars, just drove up too close to the car. Or use special glasses for night driving. Also you can just not look at the led brake lights, and switch your view to the right lane, pushing the eye aside.

Fortunately, automakers have long known about this problem and currently trying to get away from using too bright taillights.


Tips for good visibility in the dark

Proper lighting of the car

  • Basically you have to adjust your driving style for maximum visibility, so you can always stop in case of obstacles on the road. Accordingly, the darker the lighting on the road, the slower you should go.
  • Always keep Windows clean inside and outside. If you wear glasses, clean your glasses before you go to the dark effects of glare are significantly reduced.
  • Do not look directly into the lights of oncoming cars. When the car is moving forward, eyes on the road ahead or on the right side of the road.
  • So as not to blind others, you must adjust the headlights of his car. Including the given vehicle load.

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