Professional opinion: how to handle a car wax?

Bright luster without polishing – how to make a car Shine?

Professional opinion: how to handle a car wax?

Swienty car coated with wax, shines and sparkles like new, as if you just recently took it out of the showroom. A pleasant feeling, isn’t it? Even better is the fact that the machine not only radiates beauty, her body, or rather paint, is also protected from dirt, rain and road salt. But are there any pitfalls when applying the wax protective layer? We turned to the professionals, and learned something about how to apply the wax, which will give the procedure, what wax to use and is there a difference between cheap and expensive squads.


Those who treat your car with wax after washing, make absolutely the right thing. Thus they give the paint a nice Shine and “seal” it, preventing negative environmental influence in all its forms (rain, UV rays, pollen, bird droppings, insects, snow, or road salt).


Question No. 1 How often should I apply wax on the car?

Professional opinion: how to handle a car wax?

It is recommended that the procedure his car at least twice a year. Once in the fall to provide the car with a protective layer from road salt and dirt. And once in the spring to update the layer.


Under other data, most likely will tell you so at the sink, you need to refresh the layer after each fourth or fifth washing.


Both options work and have a right to exist. About why this is so, we will explain below.


Question No. 2 How to apply wax on the body?

Professional opinion: how to handle a car wax?

Hot wax

There are several options for the application of Valvoline. For example, “hot wax”. The essence of the application is as follows:

Wash the car thoroughly cleaning with car shampoo traffic film, touch of petrol, rubber particles, etc. the cleaner the surface the better.

It was followed by the drying of the car. Body just should not be moisture. This is important.

And finally, application of the composition: wax is first diluted in hot water in a certain proportion (to monitor the ratio of wax/water and the water temperature must be carefully, if you decide to make application alone). The prepared composition is applied with a sponge. At the end of the process give the surface a Shine with polishing.


Very quickly the drug will dry out and will efficiently repel water, dirt and a long stick on the surface of the paint.


Cost: from 150 to 400 rubles, depending on the volume of containers is 250 – 500 ml.


Cold wax

Another type of Valvoline on the market – “cold wax”. Application is easier application takes less time (a plus), but the result is less stable (it is negative) will have a security update every couple of washes.


Cold type of wax is applied on the body spray, it’s easier, the remains washed with water.


Cost: 250 rubles per liter


Hard wax

Those who appreciate long-term protection, you can try a “hard wax”. The method of application is almost similar to the “hot” version. The only protection is applied by hand and not diluted in water.


Cost: the Most expensive type of wax. Normal Polish is 800 and above, 1.300 – 1.600 rubles.


Please note that some types of wax suitable for dark or light cars! As you claim to be a Pro, no difference you will not find, if you cover the car not the “shade” of clear wax. Just talking, just in case.


Again repeat the most important postulates of applying wax for cars:

Before applying the invisible shield, you need to wash the car, removing not only the dirt but also old wax layer.

The wax can be applied either with a special glove, lint-free microfiber cloth or sponge. Apply or wax cross motions, i.e. first transverse, then longitudinal, or circular doesn’t matter.

Wait until the wax dries. A few minutes before the appearance of matte coating. Until to evaporate the solvents, Polish it useless.

A simple visual test shows dry if the wax layer: the surface appears mutawa, barely visible film.


Important: car wax, usually not harmful for health but as a precaution, you should wear gloves before contact with him. Also open the door to the garage or spend washing in the open air (but not in direct sunlight).

Make sure that the plastic and rubber parts, the composition is not applied. The same goes for Windows, special front windshield. First, it is useless. Second, more importantly, the wiper will not operate correctly on a wax film as long as it is not erased, making it difficult to review and leaving water drops on the glass.


Question No. 3 Natural or synthetic?

Professional opinion: how to handle a car wax?

All waxes, from cheap to expensive, can be divided into two groups: natural and synthetic.


Natural waxes, as the name implies, consist of natural ingredients. The basis almost always is a wax obtained from the leaves of Carnauba palm trees. In addition, often used beeswax, almond oil or even Aloe Vera.

Synthetic waxes are produced artificially. Sometimes both types are mixed, some call it a “hybrid wax”.


What is important is that natural wax is better? Not a fact, but as a rule, natural waxes are more expensive.


In addition, as we said above, it is possible to distinguish the type of hard wax and spray. The first is applied longer by hand, but wax-sprays to keep less.


Question No. 4 what else should I look for when I purchase the wax?

Professional opinion: how to handle a car wax?

Protective effect. Each part of the wax is good protection of t of a certain external impact. In summer, the most important to choose a wax that protects the paint from UV rays. In winter, the body needs protection that reagents, moisture and dirt. That is, the coating must be durable.

Glossy factor. Not every wax provides a lustrous finish. In this case, however, the instructions on the packaging is not particularly useful, each manufacturer promises, of course, the best result.

The composition of the product. If you appreciate environmentally friendly product, is to carefully look at the ingredients and purchase natural wax. However not to do without additives, solvents and emulsifiers are included in almost all waxes.

Price. More expensive but not always better! Consult with professionals, they’ll suggest the most suitable product.


Question No. 5 Alternative to wax for the car?

Professional opinion: how to handle a car wax?

In addition to car waxes, there are also special “paint sealants” for application to the paintwork, which are usually sold under the name “nano or ceramic sealant”. Is fabulously expensive, but lasts years: link


This chemistry is composed of tiny particles of silicon that “stick” to the surface of the body. Unlike wax, which is only “on” the paint, sealants combine with the paint on the nano scale. Thus, even the smallest scratch can be compensated, and protected against dirt and exposure to the environment will be higher than with car wax best quality. Water penetrates into the “nano-sealed” the car is much better and more washes off daily dirt. However, the price tag…. Plus, the technology is not conducive to the appearance of the same Shine as wax.

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