Probably, it will look like driving instruction in the future: Video

Full immersion virtual reality using Assetto Corsa VR

Probably, it will look like driving instruction in the future: Video

Any gamer it is obvious that the future of games is on the other side of virtual reality. And maybe we still have to wait many years until, until the available technology is able to completely fool our brains and immerse in virtual reality, as if it is a true story, but it should be said that the attempts do not stop, and in some cases they can be called very good. Progress has indeed been made a lot of result very interesting.


Take, for example, this video uploaded by user “Kajot2111” on YouTube. The guy playing the racing game “Assetto Corsa VR”:


You can verify that the creators of the simulator did a good job. Yes, the graphics are not yet “refined” to perfection and it makes you wonder whether it’s all in fun, but nobody can take away the main ideas – full visual immersion in the process. Moreover, to make allowances for the fact that the simulation on the PC as much as four years ago, to play a very significant time interval. Modern racing series would look even more realistic.


Technically, we’re not quite sure how all this was done, most likely the image is displayed on a green screen. As you can see: the steering wheel is on the frame, in fact, the hands operating them real. Everything else is a virtual picture. But all of this together creates a lasting effect – the effect of combination of virtual and normal realities. Looks much more interesting image with virtual reality glasses.


Maybe someday in the future, coming to study in law, future generations of motorists will undertake training in this form on similar simulators. What? After all, it’s cool – safe, easy inexpensive.