Prepare child to sleep, before you drive

Keep your toothbrush and a pair of pajamas for your child in the car

Prepare child to sleep, before you drive

In the days when I was too young that my memory could capture all the detail whizzing kaleidoscope of large and small events around my childhood of the person, fragments of memory still stores some unpleasant facts of the biography associated with the vehicle.

Then we had a car “penny” in the thirteenth modification, a bright red colour, which now could be called the color “Ferrari”. On it my parents, and with them I dashed a lot of mileage. Nice touch was that under the soothing rustle of the wheels, evening hours in the warmth and comfort you can sink into untroubled sleep of a child.


And it would be great if not for one thing. When we drove up to the house, like it or not, and had to Wake up. Mother gently woke me up, took at the hands (or take the hand), and we went into our five-storey building. And then began the nightmare of any child. Had to take off their shoes, to wash, to brush my teeth, change into pajamas and then flop into bed, although after all these procedures the desire to sleep was gone from the dream had not disappeared.


Now I understand the algorithm of actions was, though correct, but the order was wrong. Climbing on the forums, I stumbled upon a rather interesting advice regarding young children and their transportation by car in the evening or even night time. Of course, he refers to the summer season when the weather is warm and the baby won’t get cold. To follow or not follow such advice – it’s up to you, the parents. I would also like to hear comments of experienced moms and dads: “How do you feel about this kind of lifehacks? If they fit to our reality? And is it possible to follow them?”

Prepare child to sleep, before you drive

That’s what is offered “foreign” parents:


“Why tear the child from sleeping routine, if you can do everything in advance? If there is a need to take the child with them (for example, at a festival to friends who also have children or on the day of the birth of his peers), and you assume that most likely will not have time to return before dark – take a baby toothbrush and some fresh pyjamas.

If you have a baby, prepare your child for sleep before you hit the road, it will make the return journey and the process of “transporting” Chad until beds are completely transparent to the child. If he falls asleep on the way home, you can transfer it from car to cot without waking the baby snoring peacefully. Brush your teeth with it while you are away, put him in pajamas before departure – no problem!

Even if your children are older, a little preparation won’t hurt”.

“Our family is often in the homes of friends, says one woman in the foreign forum – and just before it comes time to leave, all children always brush their teeth together, get changed into pajamas before heading home (family car, of course). As soon as we return to our house, my daughter can pass directly from the machine to my pillow in less than 20 seconds”.

Here’s a life hack was seen by me. The only thing annoying about him is the movement of the child in the street in pajamas. Sounds like something is not hygienic. Maybe they have all the streets of my shampoo and the mentality is different and common private house, that does not imply walking on the dirty porches, but if you live in an apartment building or weather for such tricks, “not flying”, just wash and clean the child’s teeth in advance, and dressed the sleepy house for half a minute, he just will not Wake up.

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