Photos of the updated VW Passat 2020 leaked

2020 VW Passat: first photos of the updated model

Photos of the updated VW Passat 2020 leaked

The decline in sales of sedans has pushed General Motors and Ford to abandon sales in some segments, but Volkswagen does not follow this example, understanding that comes due to the fact that the company will present Passat 2020 in Detroit. In the meantime, the first major motor show of the year hasn’t started yet, photospin can’t wait to share the new thing with all the motorists on the planet. For this reason, the first photos of the model was freely available a bit before the official premiere. Volkswagen fully revealed how it will look like new in 2020:

Photos of the updated VW Passat 2020 leaked


Despite the fact that the novelty is positioned as a completely new model (mainly for the US market), 2020 Passat is proving to be a vehicle with a thorough restyling of the existing North American sedan. And no wonder, after all, Volkswagen only sold a total of 41,401 trade winds across the United States for the whole of last year, which is insanely small for such a large market. This is probably why the company felt that they have lost significant market share, could not help but begin to take action, keeping in mind the fact that in case of failure, they may not be able to recoup the cost of a complete redesign. So did the average upgrade.

Apparently the update looks like a Chinese made Passat

Photos of the updated VW Passat 2020 leaked

Regardless, the preceding logical reasoning, on the new 2020 Passat has a new front fascia with an enlarged grille and restyled headlights. This particular model (presented in photos) were also equipped with an external package R-Line, which adds an aggressive front bumper, the fake vents on the front fenders and a stylish two-tone alloy wheels.


The sporty styling continues in the side part of the model, where the Passat gets a sleeker new body style and the so-called “shoulder line”. One of the major changes occurred in the third quarter when looking at the sedan from the side, near the rear vents, where the refined lines of the window give a family sedan a more modern appearance.


At the rear of the Passat was equipped with a new trunk with integrated rear spoiler and more delicate rear lights. Package R-Line also adds a black spoiler and black trim around the new exhaust tips of the car. In General, it strongly resembles the new Passat for the Chinese market, which was presented at the end of last year.


The interior of the 2020 VW Passat is changing, too

Photos of the updated VW Passat 2020 leaked

Looking into the cabin, drivers will find in its place a new dashboard with restyled air vents, which, as can be seen, covering nearly the entire width of the cabin. Don’t know what will be the practical benefits (air circulation in the cabin would be better?), but from an aesthetic point of view everything is clear, the appearance of this pseudointimal helped replace the black plastic insert, which was presented on the predecessor.


Many of the components apparently migrated, but the designers have just found a new dashboard and updated infotainment system. We can also see a revised trim, and additional gloss black accents.

What engines will be under the hood national German sedan in the back of B8?

Photos of the updated VW Passat 2020 leaked

Power reportedly will be provided by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing 174 BHP with a decent torque of 280 Nm. It will be connected to a six-speed automatic transmission, which will distribute power between the wheels of the front axle.


While previous trade winds were available in the North American market with a 3.6-liter VR6 engine that produces 280 HP and 349 Nm of torque, the option was quietly dropped Volkswagen model Passat 2019. According to reports, also it can be assumed that the larger engine will not be refunded and the model 2020.


In Russia the model is B8, as we know, have long received a more modest engines: the 1.4 and 1.8-liter gasoline engine power from 125 to 180 HP and 2.0-liter diesel with 150 horses. All versions except initial 1.5 million rubles, equipped with a double clutch DSG boxes and front wheel drive.


The updated Passat will be officially unveiled today at the North American international auto show, so stay tuned.