Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018

Moving forward on two wheels: metatechnology.

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

The last 12 months have been pretty exciting in the world of motorcycles. We decided to remember and tell you about the best new technologies, equipments and many other things that should not remain without attention of those who are passionate about motorcycles. So here’s the most interesting metatechnology 2018, which should be of interest to you.


What was memorable for the passing year in the world of Moto? Of course, strange technology that began to penetrate into this world. For example, we can safely say that 2018 was the year of electrical technology not only in the world, but in the world of motorcycles.

But that’s not the only strange technical ideas that surprise in 2018.


BMW is experimenting with 3D printing

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

BMW this year have shown the conceptual solution for 3D printing. So, were submitted to a motorbike with the frame made by the technology of 3D printing. Skeletal frame shape suggests that it was developed in the process of generative design.


Bosch introduced the system-steer

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

In may 2018, Bosch was surprised by its innovative jet technology, which is a side-thruster system to assist a driver of the motorcycle.

This system allows the driver to align the motorbike, in order to bring him on the right path.


MV Agusta presented a sports bike, equipped with gearbox with double clutch

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

In the auto world has long been gaining popularity of the box with double clutch (manual gearbox without clutch pedal). The company MV Agusta has decided to popularize this technology in the world of Motorsport, presenting a sports bike with a centrifugal clutch.

This is the first in the world Moto full system of automatic clutch which was integrated manufacturer of motorcycles in the production model. System centrifugal clutch prevents the engine stop, disengaging the clutch when the engine rpm fall to idle. When the revs increase, the clutch is activated, allowing the driver to start without using the clutch lever.


Motorcycle KTM 1290 Super Adventure’s with adaptive cruise control and warning system of finding objects in the blind zones

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

Also in the summer of 2018, the company KTM presented its bike 1290 Super Adventure’s adaptive cruise control and monitoring system of blind zones. Although these systems have not yet appeared on the series production of the KTM company, we believe that automotive technology will inevitably come to motorworld. Recall, sooner or later, many car technology has come in the motorworld. It was only a matter of time.


Autonomous motorcycle BMW R1200GS, equipped with an autopilot

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

If we talk about automotive technology, then perhaps Autonomous vehicles is one of the most complex and difficult technologies that have ever tried to create engineers and designers in the industry. But in recent years these technologies have advanced very far. Today nobody will be surprised autopilot cars Google and Tesla, when 10 years ago about these technologies can only be read in the stories of Isaac Asimov.

And now Autonomous technology are in the motorworld.

Like last year, when Yamaha introduced the Autonomous bike with the motorboat aboard, 2018, surprised us with an Autonomous motorcycle. So, this year showed his bike with the autopilot BMW. We are talking about a bike BMW R1200GS. During the test, the Autonomous bike on the track it was kind of a Ghost.


Electric Motorcycle “Ural”

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

Fans of motorcycles and our domestic “Ural”, who introduced a motorcycle with a sidecar. But this is no ordinary motorbike. This is an electric motorcycle with a sidecar, made in classic style. In the end, on the first day after the debut of the bike to buy it to record more than 1,000 people.

The prototype of the new bike created on the basis of an existing motorcycle “Ural St”.

The battery, motor, drive, which will get the bike, will put the company “Zero Motorcycles”, which produces electric motorcycles.


Motorcycle “Comanche” off-road

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

A graduate of Stanford University’s aerospace engineering Duck Steiert has created an unusual off-road bike with three different motors (including motor). The bike is equipped with off-road independent suspension. The maximum speed of the bike is 180 km/h.


Feher helmet ACH-1 air conditioning

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

Feher ACH-1 is a helmet fitted with air-conditioning system. This helmet not only looks beautiful, but also cools the head of the rider, keeping the climate inside the helmet for comfortable temperature. The main plus glass of the helmet never weep.


Another solution for cooling the head in the helmet

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

The company BluArmor Helmets this year introduced a removable cooler, which in seconds can be set on most pornolizer helmets. This box sends fresh air inside the helmet to keep it cool to the optimum temperature of the head biker.


Adaptive lighting for motorcycles

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

This year one of the crowdfunding companies have introduced innovative adaptive front lighting system for motorbikes. System as an example, were installed on the bike BMW K1600GT. New optics system automatically adjusts beam headlights, which automatically shifts when cornering, making night driving easier and much safer with the additional visibility.


Super-light and super-tough carbon motorcycle helmet SportModular

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

This year was presented stunning carbon helmet SportModular, which not only looks amazing but has enormous advantages over traditional helmets. First, it is super easy. Secondly, it is very durable. Helmet produced by AGV.


TMC Dumont

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

This unusual bike with 36-inch wheels equipped with 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce. This bike-art project was presented in the framework of the world championship customem AMS.


Royal Enfield Concept KX

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

The company this year unveiled a stunning Concept KX. Stunning design of the bike, which quickly gained many fans. Manufacturer bikes just have to start Royal Enfield KX Concept in the series.


Watkins M001

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

This Polish bike can be called “epic engineering curiosity”. Laser cut from sheet steel and equipped with engine BMW, and the steering design with the Central location makes Watkins M001 stunning example of outstanding engineering that was born in the backyard in the garage. But there is nothing wrong. Many exciting technologies in our world was invented in the garage.


Sarolea Manx7

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

Yes, electric technology has not yet captured the motorworld. But many today believe that is not far off revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of electrification of motorcycles. Unfortunately, while motorcycles with Electrotechnology very expensive.

Most people can not afford such expensive toys. This does not mean that electric bikes – the only question of the distant future. This year we saw many exciting prototypes and small serial elektronikov. However, that crisis finally came to the world of motorcycles, to speak still early.

In the photo above expensive electric bike Sarolea Manx7 presented this year.


Bike Arc Vector for $ 117 000

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

At the exhibition EICMA (the Milan international motorcycle shop) in November of the current year was submitted to electric bike Arc Vector value of 117 thousand dollars. This bike comes with a helmet with augmented reality on glass which is projected is important for the rider information. Also the bike is equipped with a special tactile jacket with your feedback.


Harley-Davidson Livewire 2020

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

Harley-Davidson to survive in the modern motorine, went for broke, deciding to start serial production of electric bikes. According to the company, electric products manufactured by is supposed to rejuvenate the brand and attract new tales a lot of young buyers.

So, from next year the sale will be the bike Livewire 2020. It looks amazing and should be, of course, really cool electric streetbikes, issued by large motobrend. By the way, distribution network and customer experience Harley-Davidson is unmatched in the world. Therefore, it is quite possible that Harley-Davidson will give the world a push in the revolution electric motorcycles.


Finnish motorbike from the company RMK

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

The Finnish team called RMK is working on a really beautiful project, which should be promising. We are talking about RMK E2 electric bike that uses a very steep rear drive system. In the coming months, the company promised to talk about the new bike read more.


Electric MOTOBIKE Sur-Ron Light Bee

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

When it comes to affordable elektronikov, then, of course, this year’s Sur-Ron Light Bee set fire to the motorworld.

Yes, it is a motorcycle that is equipped with an 8-horsepower electric motor. This is a very affordable toy, which has caused quite a stir among fans jump on a motorcycle on the road.


City Slicker

Overview of technologies for motorcycles 2018 

And finally, a minibike, which competes with scooters. The bike is designed for short trips. This is the cheapest in the world electric motorcycle.