Opinion of Audi and Volkswagen in Russia

New service company from VAG

Opinion of Audi and Volkswagen in Russia

Russia will host the next service company. This time the service company will relate to models of group VAG.

Whether it will be with a few minor problems and distributed only 77 sedan Volkswagen Phaeton and 158 pieces Audi A8. According to the Rosstandart, service action applies to models implemented from 2007 to 2008.

As stated on the website of Rosstandart, the Phaeton and the Audi A8 sunroof with solar panel (grade 3FR) period of issue of bonding glass sunroof with solar panel, frame and door can be unsatisfactory due to contamination during the production process. Detachment glass cover while driving creates a danger to other road users”.

On all Audi and Volkswagen subject to review glass roof with solar panel will be bonded to prevent delamination at speed.

Scheme review – standard about it we wrote in a recent article. Rosstandart announced the recall of more than 55 thousand Honda in Russia

Unscheduled work will not cost owners anything, they are free.