On the market of new cars has not changed (growth +8,2%)

Sales growth for the first 10 months of 2018 amounted to 14.1%

On the market of new cars has not changed (growth +8,2%)

According to the “European business Association”, increase in sales of new cars in Russia continues: “October 2018 marked increase in sales of 8.2%, or 12 097 units compared to October 2017, and was 160 425 vehicles (data of automobile manufacturers Committee AEB).

In 2018 in Jan – Oct sold 1 457 857 automobiles (data of automobile manufacturers Committee AEB)”, reported on the Association’s website.


Standard comments unfolding around the market of new car sales situation, Chairman of the AEB automobile manufacturers Committee Joerg Schreiber:

“On the threshold of the last quarter of the year, the Russian car market continued to demonstrate strong growth. However, this pleasant fact was not a surprise, given a fair wind in the sails of the total retail sector, counting down the time until VAT changes. Despite the fact that now with sales it’s all right, among the market participants is growing concern regarding the sustainability of demand in retail, starting in January 2019”.


So in General, the situation in the sales market of new cars consists, as before, positive, but what will happen after new year’s visits by customers, dealers, remains a mystery. The most intriguing fact that the question remains open even for specialists AEB.


Otherwise, at the moment actively sold almost all brands represented on the Russian market, both domestic and foreign. Auto companies gone into a minus compared to the same month last year, in October 2018, is really a bit. This Renault (-7%), GAZ com.cars (-11%), Ford (-9%), Chevrolet (-8%), Lexus (-15%), Lifan (-20%). Other outsiders, though a failure in sales is stronger, but the overall market impact, they are not able because their sales leave much to be desired.


For example, how can change the balance of power falling on 36% of sales of the brand Citroen from 390 to 251 car in October 2018? Or collapsed by 73% of Fiat, which has implemented in our country only 58 machines? And even more Smart that in 2017 for the period from January to October has sold 742 pieces, and now in October as many as 24 units…


On the market of new cars has not changed (growth +8,2%)

As for the leaders of the sales model, on the pedestal of October 2018 has settled Lada Vesta 10.6 thousand units sold, behind it stood a model of Granta – 10.269 PCs, Kia Rio closes the top three with a 7.8 thousand vehicles sold. Fourth and fifth places went to two Hyundai: Creta (5.856 units) and Solaris (5.3 thousand).