Officially: drive just wide of the goal only slows traffic, creating a phantom tube

“Get used” to a moving vehicle is not necessary – will only increase the journey time

Officially: drive just wide of the goal only slows traffic, creating a phantom tube

In the automotive world we all encounter them. They’re always in a hurry, “adapting” to your rear bumper just close, honk, blink and generally try to make the flow move faster. They are called “brazen” – they are an integral part of the automotive world in any country, in any major city. They think they help to drive traffic faster, but in fact are the main obstacles.


If you have ever met “phantom jams,” or the critical slowing down of motion that seem to have no obvious cause, you know, what made them fans to go just wide of the goal. This was stated by researchers from different countries. On a few scientific papers we already told on pages of our online publication:

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Today we decided to release a booklet containing standards of conduct on the road that will allow you and your “colleagues” transport stream is not to overload the unnecessary traffic congestion. Here are the basic tips that will help not to create problems for themselves or others:

1. Not preterites to the bumper of a moving car. To go from this, you will not become faster, but to annoy other drivers will, that will gradually reduce the pace of movement, unnecessary waste of nerves and the creation of emergency situations.

2. Not build too often for no apparent reason. This is another cause of traffic jams. One car dramatically rebuilt, another slows down dramatically, then a third, fourth, and off we go… a traffic jam!

3. Sudden braking. The effect is the same as from a sudden lane change. Causes a sudden failure in a fragile balance of traffic.


How to avoid traffic jams

Officially: drive just wide of the goal only slows traffic, creating a phantom tube

To avoid sudden traffic, you must have a car culture drivers. All the drivers, not the majority. In practice, this refers to that the distance between the car from the rear bumper, that front should be sufficient for a smooth maneuver without sharp braking or rebuilds. The more gentle movement will be and the more stable will be observed the distance between the cars throughout the length of the traffic depending on the speed, the less will slow down the flow.


Remember these simple tips and do not create inconvenience to yourself and the people around you.