Do not place feet on the dashboard, it is extremely dangerous

Spooky but instructive case will explain to you why you can’t put feet on the dashboard

Do not place feet on the dashboard, it is extremely dangerous

The woman from Georgia has an important message for all fans not to wear seat belts while driving car and people used to be in the car like they are at home: get your damn feet off the dashboard.

This is a very important message, especially when its importance is reinforced by six screws and a metal rod in his leg.

Two years ago, Audra Tatum was in the passenger seat when at the crossroads in the car flew into another car, according to local news channel 9 News Channel. During a collision it could be a panel, besides the woman was not wearing a seat belt. When airbag work, something happened that had to happen… the woman received serious injuries.

“When the airbag deployed, it hit my leg on my face,” said Tatum in the broadcast news.

Do not place feet on the dashboard, it is extremely dangerous

Think about the facts. Airbags shoot out of the panel at high speed. They literally should be faster than you, your body and your head, which in a millisecond will face with the plastic on the dashboard. Speed and overload protection with exorbitant.

Even the technical characteristics of the squib modern herbage far gone from the system, compressed air launched torpedoes during the Second world war. Imagine how much power inherent in it? But still need to add the velocity of the car during the accident, the weight of a person, other fatatry and get the destructive power that can break the wall.

And, by the way, self-injured leg she broke several bones in the shoulder and face. The poor woman received a serious injury from a deployed airbag.

What was this post? For example, the injured woman, we want to show how dangerous these seemingly innocuous things. Just put your feet up on the dashboard. The doctors told us that Tatum would leave the scene of the accident on foot, if she wasn’t so reckless.


So, now you also will not put my feet on the dashboard? Right?