Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Autumn marathon on the roads at night: tips for beginners

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Driving at night is not just annoying, many are not very experienced and drivers, it is generally a dangerous thing. But you can minimize the risks of travel in the dark. Now this is especially true come autumn. Dark is all before, and the first snow, which could reflect the scarce light that you can see on a suburban road at night will fall soon. Here are 9 tips to make night riding more safe or 9 tips for motorists after sunset.


Setting of headlights

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

The first item we put the test lights on “aptitude”. Yes, this car’s exceptionally vital during operation of the vehicle in the dark or while driving in fog, snowfall, heavy rain. Anyway, according to the traffic Rules of the Russian Federation, paragraph 19.5, in the daytime on all moving vehicles with the purpose of their designations should be included dipped headlights or daytime running lights. Fog lamps is assumed in accordance with paragraph 19.4 of the SDA.


Offender face a warning or a fine of 500 roubles under article 12.20. Violation of the rules of using external light devices, sound signals, alarm or warning triangle.


Experts have found that headlights even in brand-new vehicles sometimes Shine incorrectly or beyond, illuminating the heels of five to seven meters in front of him. Therefore there is an urgent need for operation of the vehicle once a year to make check and adjustment of front lighting. Also, adjust the lights is in those cases where there was a feeling that the lights began to Shine worse.


You can do this yourself, or looking to the car wash.


If you decide to tune yourself, use the instructions in the user guide or read our quick guide: How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]. Be patient. The work can take several attempts before you get results. Importantly, of drivers of oncoming cars with your lights in the end is not dazzled.


Don’t forget that under adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, off-season with rain and snow) the lights will Shine worse. Don’t forget to clean them from dirt and adhering snow. It is best in this case to have a rubber scraper, but not crawl in the dirt with a rag.


If your car drove a hundred thousand miles and more, check out plastic headlights, he eventually becomes cloudy and covered with thousands of tiny scratches. This will require polishing of glass headlights. Headlight polishing yourself (inexpensive option)



Also, make sure that the lighting fixtures produce the same amount of light as before. The old incandescent bulbs over time give less light than new ones.


Turn down the dash light and center console

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Don’t neglect decrease the intensity of interior lighting. We are not talking about the need to turn off the lights inside the cabin while driving, it’s obvious. And the decrease in the intensity of illumination of the instrument panel and center console. Many modern cars are able to adapt to external light, muting the light in the dark. But if a system on your earlier car there is no need to use the “Twister” and reduce backlight brightness “tidy”. Manual adjustment is, perhaps, on any car 30-40 years ago.


This trick will reduce eye strain, you will not be distracted from the road, visibility is improved and the glare on the Windows will be minimal.

Wear the right glasses

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

You can resort to the use of glasses for driving at night. This is not a simple glasses, their lenses are equipped with special anti-glare coating and polarizing filter. Light transmission they have a maximum, but the bright glare from the headlights of oncoming or passing cars, lights on dark country roads and so forth, they cropped well.


Advise certain models of glasses now we you will not. Because their purchase is important and should be well versed in the subject, because the quality of points depends on your safety on the road. Let everyone study the topic independently, thoughtfully and fully.


Only note that to purchase glasses yellow for use at night, most likely not worth it. According to American experts, “The Sunglass Association of America” (sunglass Association of America, hmmm, they have such), is nothing more than a farce.


While the companies promoting sunglasses with yellow tint lenses, they say that this color enhances contrast, it is proven that they reduce the amount of light passing through them, making it difficult to distinguish objects in the dark.


PrimeSite glitter eyes away

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Another piece of practical advice that can help you out of a dangerous situation a winner.


Movement at night means increased danger of collision with animals crossing the road. Cats, dogs and even wild boars, elks and bears. That’s who you can meet on the roads of Central Russia.


As noted in paragraph number one of advice, even distant rays may not illuminate much beyond your stopping distance, so avoiding the deer or other animals, requires a special skill to catch your headlights reflected in the eyes of the animal. These tiny light spots often appear far below on the road, giving you more time to slow down or stop.


In a collision with a large animal, the best strategy is to slow down as fast as you can, without leaving lane or skidding off the road. Deer often will follow your lights and move in front of you, so the deviation may increase the likelihood of an accident.


Do not look at headlights of oncoming cars

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Bright lights can seriously disrupt your concentration at night. Inside the car, your eyes adjusted to the dim glow of the instrument panel and the dark road ahead. Very easy to get distracted and look at the bright road sign or the headlights of a truck, aimed in your direction without even realizing it. Look away from the bright lights on the road and don’t face the headlights of oncoming cars.


What to do if you are blind? Short shift your gaze to the edge of the bonnet, to the right. You will see the unfolding situation on the road, without losing control, but blind you will not succeed.


Wipe the windshield with newspaper…

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Windshields that appear clean for the day, may have invisible stains, the night leading to appearance of glare. To remove them, there is a small car lifehack:


Wipe all the glass with the inner side of an ordinary newspaper (not glossy magazine). Good crushable sheet of newspaper and three dry. The same can be done with the side glass. The tabloid will absorb all excess moisture, leaving no streaks.


In General, try not to touch the hands of the internal surfaces of the windshield, side Windows or mirrors, even if it is necessary to remove the haze. Oil from your skin will remain on the glass, and the glare from the light will begin to annoy once again. Instead, keep a cotton or microfiber cloth in the door pocket. Well, or the same newspaper.


Turn on fog lights

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Fog lights help the driver to better see the road, not only to illuminate the fog in front of the car. They are aimed down as much as possible, where even a passing light of headlights passing by.


Fog lights will make it possible to detect small stones and pits on the road directly in front of the car.


Do not forget that trick only applies to front foglights. The rear can be enabled only in low visibility conditions.


Clean and adjust exterior mirrors

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

Dirty mirrors is similar with a dirty windscreen can reflect and distort light, which distracts the driver. Dirty mirrors reflect the lights from cars behind you in the form of glare, so to clean them from dirt or water drops is necessary (for the latter, it is sufficient to enable the heated mirrors). In addition, night adjust the exterior mirrors so that you could take most of the light of car headlights reflected in them.


Life hack:

It is proposed to direct surface mirrors down a bit. This way you will be able to see cars behind you, slightly tilting the head forward, but won’t get glare from their headlights.


Also don’t forget to switch the internal rear view mirror to the night or automatic dimming to prevent glare.


Take care of the health of your eyes

Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

To reduce the effects of eye fatigue at night while driving, ophthalmologists recommend to keep your eyes moving, scanning all around your field of view, rather than focusing on one area. Also regularly check vision. Recall that in 2018 a medical certificate valid for 2 years for persons over 50 years of age a medical examination is necessary to pass once a year. The same thing, every year, essential to get tested persons having any diseases or limitations in the vehicle. For example, a person with weak eyesight wearing glasses.


Do not neglect this kind of survey, no matter how stupid and useless they may seem. Watch your health, lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just pretentious words, because if you, say, are observed in the clinic with heart problems, the last thing you want in this life is to have a heart attack while driving behind the wheel!


Same with the eyes. You can have the cleanest windshield and better headlights, but they do bore do if your eyes are strained and they are unable to correctly perceive the road objects or obstacles.


If your eyes are tired, take the time to stop in a safe place, be sure to include “emergency gang”, so you’ve seen other drivers do the following or similar set of exercises for the eyes:


Night: 9 tips for driving after dark

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