Nicknamed “the Beast”: shows a new presidential limousine Donald trump

Number two among the Presidential limousine, the Cadillac “Beast”


Meet the new armored Cadillac limousine “Beast” made its debut here just recently, during a visit to trump in new York. Here’s what appeared in front of photographers the new armored Cadillac limousine with the seal of the White house on Board:



After ten years of impeccable service, the old presidential Cadillac limousine, also known by the nickname “The Beast”, is officially retiring. It will be replaced with younger, but left all of the benefits of the technologies themselves the offspring. New version of the model of the limo, by the way, presented in new York, not coincidentally, trump flew to Big Apple on their current Affairs with a visit to the UN General Assembly and at the same time accepted the gift from the hands of his security service.


If you consider the exterior design of the limo, it turns out that this giant has more similarities with the off-road models than cars. Pregnanices, isn’t that reincarnation extended Escalade?


Yes, we a certain can say that this car is very massive and high. Kind of a cross between SUV and sedan, different from what you can buy from the official dealer of Cadillac in the United States.



As outgoing “Beast”, it is based on a GM truck platform, heavily armored, weight is from 15,000 to 20,000 pounds (6.8 to 9 tons). While this is all that can be said about the novelty of the trump with confidence. Not much is known about the security features that it has. Is that somewhere in the bowels of this armored car is stored blood of the same group that the current President of the United States.


Work on the new presidential limousine began in 2013, but most of the parts of the car, for obvious reasons, is still kept secret and will always remain secret, just as model information of an armored presidential limousine “Aurus” Vladimir Putin.