News for CTP: used spare parts and the postponement of imposing automated penalties

The installation of used parts on natural insurance payments and delay in fixing of insurance policies cameras

News for CTP: used spare parts and the postponement of imposing automated penalties

Another proposal from the Russian Union of insurers, will force many motorists across the country to think about what quality of repair might be initiated in the framework of natural payments by insurance, because in addition to using new parts, it is proposed to use used parts. Moreover, the consent of the owner is not required for this. He, the owner, do not will need to know that the car was repaired the old parts. This was reported to journalists by the Deputy Executive Director of RSA, Vice-President of the Russian Union of insurers (VSS) Sergey Efremov, reports “Interfax”.


“When the whole of Russia started to implement a natural shape, faced with the fact that the car Park is very old. Find new spare parts or the service station is not profitable, either to the insurer. There is a stopper on two sides, because there are requirements for quality. Insurers are now preparing proposals on how still really for the consumer to legalize the repair of old spare parts”, – quotes Interfax.


Thus, the proposal passes a number of revisions and will be submitted for discussion in the Central Bank. In what form will be institutionalized norm of using the b/u parts, it is not clear also unknown how it will be regulated and what cars will be considered too old in order to be able to put them on have been in use parts. Immediately after the end of warranty? Two years later, ten or twenty years? Also, the media did not get any clarification regarding the characteristics of the parts that can be replaced by supported analogs.


In addition to this controversial standards will be added to other initiatives to reform the law about the priority of natural compensation in insurance over cash payments.


Check insurance with the help of cameras is delayed

News for CTP: used spare parts and the postponement of imposing automated penalties

The second news is also closely related with mandatory insurance of civil liability related to the audit of current policies with the help of camera photo and video recording. We will remind that since September of this year a pilot system was to earn in the capital. This has been known for a long time, more specifically it was stated at the beginning of the autumn of 2017.


“The first stage of the transition to a fully electronic insurance policies (paper policies a thing of the past) and the transition to the imposition of penalties from traffic police to the recording cameras, and insurance companies will pass data traffic through the electronic channel”, we wrote the autumn of 2017.


The changes turned out to be delayed.


“There is a deterrent, because to the end is not yet decided which articles and in what quantity to put in this case a penalty. This is one of the problems which at the moment is also a kind of brake,” said Executive Director of the PCA, Evgenie Ufimtsev.


When you decide the exact amount remains unknown, so the introduction of the automated validation of policies is postponed indefinitely.