Need or is recommended to switch the automatic transmission in ‘P’ during a stop?

Do I need to enable “Parking” in a car with automatic transmission during each stop?

Need or is recommended to switch the automatic transmission in 'P' during a stop? 

Network drivers frequently asked questions how to use an automatic transmission, then spend hours arguing on various forums, arguing with each other your truth. For example, the most frequent battles are underway about whether to include the “P” (Parking) for vehicles with automatic transmission during each stop. The fact that there is a perception that this saves fuel and increases the life of automatic transmissions. This is actually a myth, and here’s why.


If your stop is not connected with a long Parking lot, for example you are stopped in traffic, on a railway crossing or a traffic light, never switch the automatic transmission in the “P” (Parking).

This is true for several reasons:


1) If suddenly something happens on the road, you will have more time to avoid the accident. That is, if you will need to vacate the lane, you will succeed faster than when “Parking”, which will allow you to quickly pull away in order to start moving, you will have to switch to automatic mode “D” (Drive). In certain cases, this delay may be dangerous.

After all, if you switch when you stop the machine box in mode ‘R’ to start, you will need to press the brake pedal, turn the mode ‘D’ and press the gas pedal. In the case if when you stop the box will remain in mode ‘D’, you only have to remove your foot from the brake pedal and transfer it to the gas pedal.

Need or is recommended to switch the automatic transmission in 'P' during a stop? 

Also, if you put automatic transmission in the “P” at EACH stop of the machine, the adrenaline rush, in case of an emergency, your reaction to emergencies is slow. You are, in fact, going to be confused due to the fact that your brain will need time to decide what you should do. Additionally, your decision will be made under a lot of stress, which can lead to error – for example, some drivers in this situation can in a panic to confuse the D with mode “R” (reverse gear). In the end, there is a risk to take off in acceleration at the rear speed. Sometimes people panic even confused the gas pedal with the brake and Vice versa. Especially this sin of the girl.


On the contrary, if you leave the transmission in “Drive” when the car stops, then your decision in an emergency will be made in milliseconds. After all, you only need to move your foot from the brake pedal to the gas. In fact, you will do it automatically, not even having time to realize.


2) Also, including at each stop on the road mode “R”, you make a motion delay. If you like to turn on the “Parking lot” at each stop of the machine, think about what you are including again the D, did not immediately budge, than holding up the traffic. Imagine that it will make every car owner of car with automatic transmission. Then most of the traffic will not have time to pull away on a green traffic signal. By the way, the more you brake the movement of its extra actions, the greater the likelihood of an accident.


3) Permanent inclusion of a mode “Parking” during traffic stops may damage the automatic transmission. In the position “P” (Parking) the Parking lock (“foot”) engages the gear teeth of the output shaft of the transmission.

When your car is parked outside the house, this latch securely holds the car from rolling (in the case of failure of this latch, the machine can slide from the scene, got in an accident). However, when your car is in traffic or standing at the traffic lights, your car can suddenly become the participant of road accident. Because, you see, no one is immune from the fact that your car will drive.

Need or is recommended to switch the automatic transmission in 'P' during a stop?

If at the moment of impact transmission, your machine will stand in the “Parking lot” from hitting the clip holding the car in “R”, can break. Moreover, the attack can break not only the lock, but the gear transmission. In this case, the automatic transmission repair can be very expensive.


The defence version that the inclusion of transmission in the mode “Parking” every time you stop the machine carries a benefit, believe that in this way it is possible to reduce fuel consumption during the idle time the machine is idle. But in fact, if you make measurements of fuel consumption in the vehicle is stationary when the modes “P” and “D”, the difference will be negligible.

In the end, if your visiting during travel is not a frequent or longer, the fuel savings will be minimal. The more you will save with the start-stop system that automatically shuts down the engine at stops, saving fuel.