What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

How to survive in the heat on a motorcycle?

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

If you had the choice, you probably wouldn’t turn on there is very hot weather on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, usually this choice is not available and you have to go on the road as needed, not according to your notions of comfort. Business or need, do not wait.

What to do in this situation? Unprotect is not an option. Pour cool water is also a distant dream. And the sun frying the asphalt under the wheels literally melted… let’s See what we can do in this situation…

Motorcycle gear for summer

The first step comfortable movement on the bike is the acquisition of the correct equipment that is perfect for hot summer trips.

You may be surprised, but most of motorcycle jackets is designed for something more than posing in Instagram, otherwise they would not have been used numerous zippers and vents front and back. They allow you to pass the airflow through clothes and to cool your body.

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

If it is quite hot, for maximum cooling suitable mesh jackets. Their peculiarity is the presence of large areas and mesh, which allows to handle incoming air flow and heat away from your body, without reducing the protective properties, because the security elements in these biker accessories naturally also present. Therefore, contact with the asphalt can not to gird, as well as not need to worry about reducing the level of protection of this equipment.

By the way, pay attention to the security features they also has a system of ventilation, at least on a quality motorcycle protection it must be designed to eliminate irritation and discomfort in closed plastic protection skin.

If you Google what other accessories are available for motorcyclists to wear in the heat, it will be easy to find a variety of summer options of trousers or overalls with ventilation holes.

However, the usefulness in terms of cooling this biker clothing is limited to only unbutton the cuff of the pant legs and sleeves, which allow you to drive more air under the fabric.

Much more attractive device for cooling when driving on hot summer roads seem to be cooling vest with Cooling Vest. This thing you must have in your seat the glove compartment in hot weather.

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

The principle of this perfectly cope with their responsibilities the device varied, but always simple. Some of these items of equipment are containers to fill with water made in the form of sleeveless jackets. Pour them in cold water and wear it under a ventilated motocourse.

There is another equally effective option wet vest, acting on the principle of sponges.

It is made of a polymeric material placed between water-resistant inner liner and ventilated outer layer.

Soak the vest in water for 5 – 10 minutes, squeeze out excess and put it over a shirt. The moisture is trapped and while you eat will constantly take away the excess heat from your body for many hours. Then will need to repeat the process of soaking and to use the jacket for new. One of the Hiking options – to put under the saddle a 3 liter bottle with water and moisture to evaporate from the vest, to water it with cool water. It will be absorbed and the vest is again ready for use.

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

Cooling system for the head. Other things being equal, probably the most important part of the cooling of the rider. Cooling systems in helmets there are a great many, but unfortunately, to understand whether one or another system of ventilation without practical experiment is impossible. Except that to read reviews, but it will not be a guarantee of choice is a vented helmet. The difference in ventilation may be so great that in one of the helmets you will feel literally a mini tornado in his head, in another, barely perceptible breeze.

As they say, the online help and forums to help. The regulars of the motor society will give practical advice on choosing a quality helmet.

A motorcycle depends on your comfort in the summer

The motorcycle itself can become a helper or large your enemy in the hot season. Suppose you own a Honda Gold Wing or motorcycle IZH Jupiter, does not matter, what matters is that this bike had a big windshield. What you will experience on a hot afternoon when the air flow goes, passing you back to your home? Certainly nothing good, just the heat and discomfort, just simply all of your light-weight and mesh metacommentary, jackets and pants do not work as expected. This arrangement the front of the bike is good in the fall or spring, but for summer rides or long distance travel is not very well suited.

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

Conversely, on bikes where the fairing is small or non-existent, the rider will feel real cool, the truth is you can trap another disadvantage is the wind can distract from the road and trying to throw your bike off the road. However, the ideal technique does not happen.

It would be foolish to buy one bike for cold weather and another for heat, and gear for motorcycle riding is an unpredictable variable, until you check. But no matter what you’re driving and what you wear, there are things you can do to stay in the comfort and safety during travel. To avoid dehydration – this is the main key to a proper, safe and comfortable stay at the wheel!

Here’s how to avoid dehydration while driving a motorbike

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

Your body gets rid of excess heat through sweating, and the more you sweat, the more fluid you lose. Lose too many and you will get dehydrated.

It is important to know! Symptoms of dehydration: dry mouth, headache, excessive fatigue or drowsiness, dizziness. The last three is clearly not a state of body and spirit that you want is while operating a motorcycle.

How to avoid dehydration while driving a motorbike?

Just say that is absolutely not an option to go for a long time behind the wheel, and then stop and drink a liter or more sitting water. If you felt thirsty and trying to endure this condition, then you have already reached the first stage of beginning of dehydration and the heat will continue to rapidly lose precious moisture. And relatively speaking drinking in one gulp a bottle of water, you restore the required balance immediately.

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?Therefore, the question of the proper strategies of water retention in the body must be approached practically from the scientific side.

  • 1. Drink a little, but whenever felt the need. The first and main advice, listen to your body, forget all those stories about the certain intervals, between which you have to drink water, 10, 15, 20 minutes. The body will tell you when to fill the water balance, when you just want to drink.

The best device for this – CamelBack, a water tank is made in the form of a portfolio with a tube, through which very easy and convenient to drink, not being distracted from the road.

  • 2. This advice we read on one of the American forums and it consists in the fact that the riders, truckers, goes on a journey through the southern States, take 4 – 8 liter cans filled them with chilled ice water and put in the back seat. It seems that this cool water is passed to the driver and he feels better in the heat. Join melted ice at the pump. Perhaps in the Russian reality this tip will not work, but as an example, a very colorful choice.
  • 3. Important. Drink no soda, juice or coffee, and drinking water, better mineral, like mineral water. Coffee despite toning effect (by the way, quickly passing) do not quench your thirst, from soda to drink will want more juices are also not always the best option.
  • 4. Tip number four. One day the doctor told me that to help save the water that I drink, I have to eat salty snacks because salt helps to retain water in the body longer. Well, or something like that, it’s been a long time, and I don’t remember the exact reason, but I do know that it works. So when I’m somewhere far away meal, take a small bag of chips or snacks, and slowly eat them every time I stop at the pump. Help!

What you need to do to feel comfortable driving a motorcycle in the heat?

And finally, the most important advice. Be smarter. If you do not want to go at noon in the heat, better stay and wait out the Inferno somewhere in the shadows. Stop to rest at a Motel or stop in to the cafe. The Bedouins always do. Well, in terms of, not in a cafe, go and walk through the desert when the temperature decreases to an acceptable degree. This usually happens at night. But since we live a little further North and not in the desert, you need to wait only two hours, the scorching heat and once again hit the road, not forgetting our previous advice.

So here!