Muffler made of cardboard and duct tape: It works!

Ingeniously simple: the Silencer out of cardboard and duct tape

Muffler made of cardboard and duct tape: It works!

Ridiculously simple! Video on how one guy decided to “play trick” and put in his car by himself when made the muffler out of paper tubes glued with adhesive tape. And you know what? This homemade stuff works!!! Really muffles the sound of the engine! Here’s how he did it:

Take two thick-walled cardboard tubes of different diameter (outer tube has a diameter similar to the diameter of the muffler, the inner about to be three times less).


Tube of smaller diameter was cut into two equal parts, on the inner ends of which were in a chaotic manner drilled holes for the dispersion of sound from the explosions inside of the engine.


Two plugs were cut more or less neat round plates.


Then everything was assembled using heat-resistant tape. He also reinforced the inner part of a makeshift silencer and improved its appearance.


Summary of “tech” work can be heard on the 5.15 minute video. Homemade silencer really works!

He even survived a couple of passages, while the gas pedal was not pressed just a little bit more and the motor Subaru WRX tore the tape…


Small upgrades, more duct tape helped solve the problem. The muffler again. Its effectiveness can be seen in the end of the video. No words, just amazing!