Mercedes has a new method of reduction in consumption of gasoline: here’s how it works

Why the Mercedes spark plugs are triggered five times during the stroke?

Mercedes has a new method of reduction in consumption of gasoline: here's how it works

Did you know that Mercedes uses a special technique of ignition of the petrol mixture, the so-called “multi-strike” ignition (Multispark ignition) and it makes the engines more efficient at low loads? How long have used this know-how, and for what was invented the technique?


Interesting fact, in its latest generation of engines, Mercedes uses a technology called “multi-strike ignition”, where each spark plug initiates a spark several times (five, to be exact) for stroke to ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about efficiency. Here is the technical explanation for this phenomenon, which parses an engineer from USA:

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Here is an explanation why this is necessary Mercedes-Benz:

When driving at low loads, it is better to use the cost ratio of fuel mixture (if the mixture in the cylinders will get a lot more air than fuel). In this situation it can be difficult to quickly initiate the ignition of the ignition due to the way the fuel is distributed inside the cylinder. The system of “multi-strike ignition” Mercedes addresses this problem by just generating a spark more than once per turn. This creates a more powerful flame front coming from the electrical discharge, which means less ignition delay and more rapid, complete combustion.


According to Mercedes, only this technology is sufficient for a two per cent increase engine efficiency. It may not sound very serious – what are these 2%?!, but for a long time period, these tiny percentages add up to a noticeable savings. Plus, do not forget about other methods of reducing fuel consumption, like the shut-down cylinders under low load, and so on. As a result, the city under uniform and leisurely drive, you can save 10% fuel.