Mercedes-Benz to launch Mythos Series collectible car line

Mercedes-Benz plans to create a line of collectible cars Mythos Series

“Creating the future, don’t forget the past”: something like this comes to mind when you hear about the creation of a new collection of Mercedes, inspired by the models of yesteryear. The first-born of the Mythos series will be a “humped” speedster based on the Mercedes-AMG SL – its teaser has already been shown by the press service of the German brand.

Mercedes-Benz to launch Mythos Series collectible car line

Mercedes Mythos Speedster Teaser. Photos Mercedes-Benz

The launch of the luxurious and exclusive Mythos Series line will be one of the measures to increase Mercedes-Benz sales in the most luxurious and expensive Top-End Luxury segment. For this reason, we are talking exclusively about exclusive, small-scale machines, designed for the most dedicated enthusiasts and collectors who are ready to give truly huge money for them.

The first model of the future series is already known – this is a small two-door speedster based on the Mercedes-AMG SL. There are no details, however, about him. Even the release date has not been named, so for now one can only guess about the timing of the ambitious plans of the German manufacturer.

Be that as it may, the company from Stuttgart will leave the existing Mercedes-Maybach with their special versions (for example, Haute Voiture) in service, and will also continue to cooperate with stars from the world of fashion, sports and music. The only exception will be the segment of entry-level models like the A-Class, B-Class and CLA – on the contrary, it will only shrink over time.