Manual transmission vs automatic

How to buy a car: with an automatic or a manual?

Manual transmission vs automatic

Which do you prefer? You prefer to shift the transmission yourself, or you want the machine to do this work for you? You should take this into account when choosing a car, because if you are no matter what kind of transmission will stand in the car, you don’t need to pay more for automatic transmission. But which transmission is better? What is the difference and is it worth it to chase the technology? Let’s find out what transmission it is preferable to buy a car.

When it comes to choosing a transmission, you are probably wondering which box is better and safer? But surely your final decision was due to the convenience and comfort. After all, most of all, for many drivers, this is important. Even more than the reliability, economy and maintenance costs.

Manual transmission vs automaticManual transmission, usually available by default for all base trim levels of a car. Yes, of course in recent years, many automakers began to abandon the mechanical boxes, installing even on the base version of the car, automatic transmission.

Most often at the moment, the disappearance of the manual gearbox we see on premium cars. However, still on a global scale while the majority of cars still available with manual transmission. And it pleases, because we believe that the driver should always be a choice.

Cars with automatic transmissions are much more expensive compared to mechanical, as the cost of cars with automatic transmission are much more expensive cars with manual transmission.

But not every driver wants to buy a car with a manual transmission. But what if with automatic transmission car is much more expensive? Is it worth overpaying?

Manual transmission vs automaticThe first thing you need to do is determine whether you need a car with an automatic transmission. For this you will need to consider how and where you will most often operate the vehicle. So you will understand, will be automatic to fit your needs.

You every day on the way to work stuck in the traffic jam? In the end, 5 days a week your car often moves in the mode of stop-start traffic and lots of traffic lights? Or do you want to enjoy the process of travel, not bothered about the gear changes? Then consider automatic transmission.

Maybe you prefer to control the car in any mode of travel? Or are you an enthusiast who likes to drive in low gears? Then consider using a manual transmission.

Can’t decide what box to buy a car? Then our guide cars in the world will help you finally decide which car to buy, and what transmission is the best choice for you.

Manual transmission

Manual transmission vs automatic

Pros: the Ability to more effectively use the transmission efficiency is better than in cars with automatic transmission, the cheaper the cost of the car, reliability and durability

Cons: For shift need more physical effort than the car with automatic transmission, busy shifting gears in traffic when driving in start-stop mode, when improper gear shift box can be quickly fail

For some motorists the car there is only a manual gearbox. These drivers believe that the automatic transmission ruined modern cars, as they are not able to unleash the full potential of the vehicles.

Manual transmission vs automatic

The fact that driving a car with manual gearbox you control the shifting. This means that the vehicle control is completely in your hands. It also means that you decide when and how fast to go to a particular show.

Also thanks to the manual transmission, you can to feel confident on a slippery road, as you get to stall speed, including during the movement of the lower gear. In the result box helps you to reduce speed, reducing the risk of losing traction.

Manual transmission vs automaticIncluding cars with manual transmissions are considerably more economical than their older models with automatic transmission. The fact that the driver in the car with the manual transmission on time (at the right time, when the engine torque is ideally suited to incorporate a certain speed) switch transmission, while cars with automatic boxes often are late in changing gear. In the end, this leads to excessive fuel consumption.

In General, the drivers of cars with manual transmission get more driving pleasure, thanks to a greater control of the machine during movement.

Of course, it’s good when you get more pleasure from driving. But if you have a car that is most often needed to travel from point A to point B, and your intermediate trips often pass through traffic jams, it is possible to control the vehicle with manual transmission will be for you a tedious and uncomfortable.

That is, if you spend most of your time driving in city with heavy traffic flow, it is natural in the main time you will move into stop mode-start, because of the constant traffic jams and numerous traffic lights.

In this mode not only boring and a chore to ride. The main disadvantage is the rapid wear of mechanical transmission due to constant gear changes.

Including the city’s operation of the vehicle with manual transmission you will be much more likely to change the clutch, which is not cheap.

Manual transmission vs automatic

It is worth noting that many drivers-newcomers are experiencing difficulty with control of vehicles with manual transmission. Therefore, more and more novice drivers prefer to buy cars with automatic transmission.

In addition, drivers are beginners, as a rule, not always correctly switch the manual transmission and do not fully squeeze the clutch pedal, which ultimately leads to rapid wear of the main components of the box.

However, we do not recommend you to study in a driving school car with an automatic transmission. Even if you believe that you don’t need rights with allowance for vehicles with manual transmission. After all, in life can happen anywhere and you may ever have to drive cars with manual transmission.

Manual transmission vs automatic

But if you pass on the right, with a tolerance of only cars with automatic transmission, you will not be able to legally drive a car with a manual transmission.

Also remember that if you learn to drive in a vehicle with a manual transmission, then you will get more valuable experience in vehicle control, which you will never be able to, driving a car with automatic transmission.

The only disadvantage of a manual transmission, which can stop many, it is a problem of sales of used cars with manual transmission. Especially in large cities of Russia, where the popularity of automatic transmissions has increased significantly in recent years.

Manual transmission vs automatic

In the end, the owner of the car with a manual transmission may face problems in selling. This is especially true of cheap key to secondary vehicles.

The main problem is residual value of the car. Accordingly, the smaller the demand for the car, the cheaper it is on the market. And as you know many models with manual transmission can have a small demand on the market. In the end it will lead to increased losses in price and the increase in term sales.

However, the demand for “mechanics” will always be. Therefore, you can always sell a car with a manual transmission.

Automatic transmission

Manual transmission vs automatic

Pros: Ease of use, smooth gear shift (smaller loss of speed when switching), the opportunity to relax behind the wheel

Cons: the Car with automatic transmission consumes more fuel, more car, more expensive maintenance, expensive repairs compared to a manual transmission, the automatic transmission have less life

In the auto world there are many different types of automatic transmissions. Especially in our time of high technologies. But, as a rule, in regular cars cheap used classic conventional automatic transmission with torque Converter for transmitting torque from the engine to the wheels.

In these boxes, use the hydraulic system which allowed to get rid of the clutch. In the end, this system executes an automatic gear shifting during driving.

Manual transmission vs automatic

As a result, to drive a car with automatic transmission is very easy because the driver is not involved in the process of switching gears and not distracted behind the wheel.

But there is a major minus any automatic transmission.

It is not the efficiency of the gear, because only the man behind the wheel is able to change speed in ideal favorable moment. Typically, the automatic transmission is delayed in shifting, which leads to excessive fuel consumption and loss of dynamics in some cases.

Automatic transmission perfect for riders who most often ride in traffic. But if your way is often on winding roads, of course, if you want to get more control over the car, it is best to buy a car with a manual transmission because the automatic transmission will not be able to provide confident driving at speed on roads with a lot of bends, etc.

The same applies to automatic transmissions CVT.

CVT is a continuously variable automatic transmission – CVT.

This type of transmission is equipped with a mechanism that is able to constantly change gear ratios. But the CVT, as well as conventional automatic transmission automatically shifts gears. In the end, this means that the participation of the driver in switching speeds are limited.

Manual transmission vs automatic

The main advantage of the CVT compared to automatic transmissions with torque Converter is the fuel efficiency. Yes, Yes. Cars with continuously variable automatic transmission is more economical than vehicles with the classic “automatic”.

The fact that a standard shift transmission depends on engine power and speed. In the end, this leads to excessive fuel consumption.

In addition, the cost of CVT is cheaper conventional automatic transmission, which affects of course the price of the car.

For example, on average, budget car worth up to 1 million common box will cost 30 000 – 50 000 cheaper than the classic machine.

What are the main advantages in a car with automatic transmission?

Of course it’s the comfort control. After all, you don’t have to worry about shifting gears and pushing the clutch pedal, which is absent in automatic transmissions.

Manual transmission vs automatic

This is especially useful if you often drive in traffic and your mode of movement in most of the time is in the pace of stop-start.

Including novice drivers of cars with automatic transmission gives more confidence. Especially when you start on a gradient. Because the machine with the machine are not slipping backwards, if you pull away on a slope, so as the automatic transmission works even when you stand on the ground.

Semi-automatic gearbox

Manual transmission vs automatic

Pros: Sleek and smooth-shifting, fuel economy, better driving experience compared to the automatic transmission

Cons: Complex design and technology, expensive repairs, low resource compared to a classic manual gearbox, not very attractive handle design shift than with automatic transmission

In the auto world there is an “intermediate” version of transmission, which is between automatic and manual transmission. We are talking about semi-automatic robotized transmission with double clutch.

The most famous transmission with a dual clutch transmission is a DSG, which is installed on vehicles from Volkswagen and Porsche.

Also, not less popular, PDK box, which is manufactured by Ford.

What is a semi-automatic transmission differs from conventional automatic transmissions?

Unlike automatic transmissions and continuously variable transmissions, automated manual uses a clutch system to shift gears.

But despite this the car also is missing the clutch pedal. The working process of the clutch is controlled electronically. In the end the driver, as well as in cars with automatic transmission, no need to press the clutch pedal to shift gears.

The process of gear boxes with dual clutch transmission to control electronics or driver (manual mode shift).

That is, the driver in the car with a box-robot can independently choose the transmission for movement, moving the shift knob forward or backward of the box.

Manual transmission vs automatic

Also, some car manufacturers equip cars with automated manual paddle shifters, with which the driver is able to control the traffic on certain gear.

The dual-clutch system uses to select the transmission two clutches. One for the current gear and one for the next (pre-selected) that will be used as the vehicle speed increase.

Manual transmission vs automatic

Often boxes with dual clutch are mounted on sporty and powerful cars. The fact that the newest normal gearbox often unable to cope with the high torque of modern sports cars. In the end, it is best for your car fits the dual-clutch gearbox.

For example, manufacturers like Ferrari and McLaren used in their supercars exclusively dual clutch.

In normal cars the dual-clutch gearbox, usually has the same number of gears in vehicles with manual gearbox (sometimes more).

Automated manual transmission shifts gears faster, smoother and more efficiently than it does the driver behind the wheel of the car “mechanics”.

As box dual-clutch transmission that drives all electronics, it selects the optimum gear in all situations (depending on engine torque). Thanks to this optimized fuel consumption.

Manual transmission vs automatic

To understand how the dual-clutch gearbox saves fuel, compare technical efficiency of a car with a manual transmission (mechanics) and the model with a robotized transmission with double clutch.

In the end, you will not notice the difference in fuel consumption, and some models will even detect the vehicles with “robot” is more economical than some models with a manual transmission.

Sometimes vehicles equipped with a transmission with double clutch also equipped with a system stop-start, which automatically suppresses the engine at stops and automatically starts the engine when pressing the gas pedal. This allows to reduce fuel consumption at idle. In the end, the cars with robot boxes are the most economical.

If you like movement in sports mode then the dual-clutch gearbox, as a rule, equipped with a sport mode that, if enabled, the transmission holds the car in one gear for much longer.

In addition, in sport mode you can choose in the car manual operation gear shift which will allow you to fully control the process of movement of the machine.

Manual transmission vs automatic

Some cars with automated manual using the shift lever, which enables you to change the transmission, moving the shift knob forward and backward on the principle of shifting on a motorcycle.

There are also models that are equipped with paddles shifter, allowing to obtain a driving experience similar to the one that you can get behind the wheel of a racing car.

Manual transmission vs automatic

The main drawback of boxes with dual clutch is that they are expensive, compared to the “mechanics” or the classic “automatic”.

Also robotic transmission have a very long lifespan (some models and modifications), and the cost of transmission repair can be comparable with the cost of new manual transmission.

In particular, the robotized gear box is two times greater the risk that you will be a clutch system. The reason the two clutches, which sooner or later will wear out.

What kind of transmission is right for you?

Manual transmission vs automatic

If you are passionate about driving and you ride on it more than a simple movement from home to work, and if you want to get full control of the vehicle, it is better then buy a car with a manual transmission with a classic clutch pedal.

But if you often drive in town and just want to relax behind the wheel, enjoying the commuting, to the store, etc., then the best choice for you is a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Manual transmission vs automatic

If you want something universal between the mechanical and automatic, then you can buy a car with semi-automatic transmission (dual clutch), which will allow you, when necessary, to include a fully automatic mode shift and relax, for example, when driving in traffic. But when you want to get control of the car, the automated manual will allow you to enable a special mode which allows to choose the transmission.

Naturally nothing in the world is perfect. Each transmission has its pros and cons. So the choice of course is yours. It all depends on the type of class of vehicle and operating conditions, as well as your personal preference and your riding style.

To make the right choice you just need to consider all the pros and cons of each transmission and decide which transmission to buy a car.