Look at the work of miniature transmission made out of LEGO

One of the most technologically advanced CAT toy is made of Lego

Look at the work of miniature transmission made out of LEGO

Some just don’t do things out of Legos. Machine harvested, and it is divided into impromptu crash tests, the engines do miniature automotive bridges, and many, many other things. Most importantly, all this plastic splendor still up and running!

Another interesting project, assembled from plastic pieces to the constructor, is a gear box. Looks real, works on the principle of mechanical transmission and even, perhaps, can be used in the assembled LEGO car.

By the way, this video and the Creator of the masterpiece toy – Dgustafsson13 can say has surpassed all previous inventors and enthusiasts working in this direction, it not only showed in his video work of the end product, but also provided access to the Assembly instructions the same technical model. So that you too can make the same interesting block and gleaned a lot of ideas from his website:


In motion demonstration model is using a motor from a Lego set, Lego Power Functions Motor, driving the drive shaft. The Creator claims. What transmission is also synchronized. A very useful option, but it would be plastic gears in the switches could not be good…

And yet, this is not an official LEGO set, the man himself designed and assembled toy. It is hard to imagine a more vivid demonstration model showing the working of gearboxes for children. Take a look: