Lightning: Correct the behavior of the driver during a thunderstorm

Safety of the driver during a thunderstorm.

Lightning: Correct the behavior of the driver during a thunderstorm 

In the summer months we often witness thunderstorms with squally winds and lightning. Lightning, of course, impressive and scary. But in most cases it is not dangerous to motorists. However, in order to reduce risk during a thunderstorm, you should conduct a number of recommendations. And if the storm threat for convertibles, trailers-motorhomes and cyclists? We have summarized the main types of transport, to give a single recommendation for travel during the storm.


Zipper since time immemorial impresses us with their views. But for most of us this is both a terrible sight of nature, which is very scary. However, if the storm caught you in the vehicle in which you move, you have nothing to fear of lightning. The fact is that if lightning gets into your machine, nothing bad will happen, because the car body will be like a Faraday cage, to take a strong electrical discharge into the ground.


Lightning protection in the car

Lightning: Correct the behavior of the driver during a thunderstorm 

During thunderstorms close all Windows and the sunroof. Remove the external antenna (if available). If you need to Park your car during a thunderstorm, try not to leave the car under trees, under awnings and outdoor advertising structures. If possible, Park it indoors.

If during a thunderstorm you are inside the machine, do not touch metal parts which come into contact with the car body. Luckily, all modern cars are lined with a large number of plastic components that protect the occupants from metal parts.


Nevertheless, if by some miracle lightning hit in your car (this happens very rarely), don’t panic. Yes, of course, a bright flash may scare you badly. Also, bright light can seriously blind you. Therefore, if lightning struck the car on the move, you should as soon as possible to stop the car on the roadside. Unfortunately, due to a lightning strike, the car body can be damaged.

For example, laboratory tests showed that the imitation of lightning aimed at the body of any car, would damage the paintwork, which showed signs of intense heat. Also the most vulnerable of car tires (sidewall rubber) which because of a lightning strike can melt.


Protects the convertible from lightning?

Lightning: Correct the behavior of the driver during a thunderstorm 

As soon as you began to hear from afar the thunder or the clouds in the sky are hinting at a storm, if you move behind the wheel of a convertible, immediately close the folding roof. So you have to close the roof at the first sign of a thunderstorm. With the closed roof of your car, as ordinary car, will become a Faraday cage.

The fact that any convertible design folding roof is metal grating, which in the case of lightning in a car take an electrical charge, scattering his body and then dropping to the ground. Also, how a Faraday cage works and the windshield frame, side window frame and folding mechanism of the roof.

By the way, scientists in the laboratory repeatedly tested the car, simulating getting into the car of lightning.

Thus, during the tests it was found that when lightning strikes in the convertible driver and passengers remain unharmed. However, if the convertible features a soft fabric roof, then from the lightning, the roof may be damaged by high temperature. It should be noted that today in the world there is no recorded case of injury to the driver and passengers as a result of hitting the car of lightning. In particular there is no data about the severe consequences when lightning strikes a convertible.


Whether there are passengers and the driver, which in a storm going in the motorhome?

Lightning: Correct the behavior of the driver during a thunderstorm 

The outer shell is made of aluminum or plastic siding on a metal frame also act as a Faraday cage. So to be inside a caravan during a thunderstorm it is quite safe. In the worst case, if the body motorhomes equipped with plastic panels (usually the body of the RV is sheathed by fibre glass), it can be damaged when lightning strikes.


If you are in Quimper and approaching storm, you should close all the open Windows in the motorhome, a folding roof and any open niches. If your camper at this point with a dishwasher, it must be disabled. If during a thunderstorm you are in the Parking lot designed for RV and to your Kemper stretch an electric wire on which a motorhome is voltage, you should disable the flow of electricity in the camper.

In addition, everyone who is inside the RV, during a thunderstorm should not touch any metal parts that come into contact with metal body parts motorhomes. Especially those heading to the roof of the camper. The most safe place in Quimper is a cab driver.


What to do during a thunderstorm cyclists and motorcyclists?

Lightning: Correct the behavior of the driver during a thunderstorm 

For motorcyclists and cyclists there is only one recommendation (in particular, it applies to pedestrians): avoid open areas and proximity to high objects (trees, masts, antennas, mobile communications, television towers, advertising structures etc.). If you are moving by Bicycle, motorbike or walking and you suddenly got caught in a storm, try to find shelter. For example, under the bridge. Also during a lightning storm stay away from cars parked in an open area. In any case keep in a storm a Bicycle or motorcycle, if you are standing in an open space. If lightning gets into a Bicycle or motorcycle that you hold, you will also suffer.



Lightning: Correct the behavior of the driver during a thunderstorm 

Remember that during a storm often suffer from motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. So the most protected from lightning, those who are inside the vehicle when lightning strikes will be redirected to discharge electricity into the ground, as does the Faraday cage.

Therefore, for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians lightning is a great danger. That’s why if you move behind the wheel of a Bicycle, motorcycle or walk, you need to find shelter from the storm. But in any case not hide from the storm under a tree. Remember that lightning strikes first and foremost the object. Of course, lightning strikes a tree not rare.