Learn not to get in an accident on the example of the mistakes of others on the road

BANG! The videos of accidents. What not to do on the road?

Learn not to get in an accident on the example of the mistakes of others on the road

Road as life, and life is like a road – they are unpredictable, and sometimes cruel. It is a pity that so few people understand that sitting behind the wheel. Modern car wraps us into a false sense of security it lulls warm, friendly salon, relaxes the unimaginable technologies of comfort, dulls the sense of responsibility of the driver of their functional safety. Well, powerful engines enables dynamically to start and gain speed complete suicide picture.


Just look at the statistics of accidents on the roads to understand that the car is still a vehicle of increased danger: accident Statistics in Russia in January-November 2018


Here are four burning example of real accidents that occurred on the road for very different reasons:


Protect the elderly from the steering wheel

Sounds a bit cruel, but practice shows that elderly people behind the wheel though and is a good driver, but because of age had significantly blunted response in complex driving situations it can make wrong conclusions and misinterpret the situation, scared or while driving it will worsen health.


Something similar happened on the streets of Youngstown, Ohio, USA. Elderly woman behind the wheel did not pay attention to standing on the road a truck hit him, and then, probably confusing the pedals, accelerated in reverse and rammed a column:



Change one’s shoes in winter tires on time

The following video is a classic example of the “day of the tinman” when winter seems to have started, but not all drivers pereobuli their cars in the “winter shoes”. However, the skid could be provoked by many other factors, even if the car was winter tires. Specifically in this case, pay attention to the sparks that flew from under the left front wheel of the Skoda Fabia. These sparks suggests that the car was winter studded tires, and sparks supposedly flew at the time of sudden braking and locking the wheels. Although some specific conclusions on this video is not possible.



What I would advise is not to exceed a reasonable speed of movement in difficult weather conditions.


The road is not a racetrack!


Here is an example in which an arrogant driver “avtomarki of the safest in the world” decided that his Swedish crossover will be able to protect from tyranny. It did not happen. The races were deplorable.


However, we will not so strict to person. Suddenly something happened and I lost control of the car? It can be.


Be vigilant even on a country road

This ghastly accident even comment won’t. Only note that, judging by the caption to the video, the accident occurred due to lost control of the car departed the lane of oncoming traffic. Suffered at least 5 cars. Some of them turned over. I sincerely hope that the victims among the people there, although, judging by the staff of this terrible autobaun, believe in it with difficulty.