Lancia plans to launch three new models in Europe by 2028

The Italian company Lancia, which, along with DS and Alfa Romeo, is part of the premium wing of the Stellantis concern, has revealed its strategy for the next 10 years. The plan is based on the release of three new products and the complete abandonment of internal combustion engines.

Lancia plans to launch three new models in Europe by 2028

Lancia Delta HF Integrated. Lancia Photos

Now only the Ypsilon hatchback is produced under the Lancia brand, and you can only buy it in Italy. In order to correct this moment and at the same time expand the expansion in Europe, in 2024 Lancia will release a new generation of the model, which has only electric and hybrid versions. The latter, however, will last only four years – from 2028, the company intends to produce only electric trains, no longer offering any alternatives.

A little earlier, in 2026, another novelty should appear in the Lancia line – a large flagship crossover Aurelia, and for 2028 it is planned to revive the Lancia Delta hatchback, which will grow to 4.4 meters in length and receive a “muscular” body design, writes “ Where and What ‘.

There are no specifics about fresh “Lunches” yet. It is only known that their design will be developed by Jean-Pierre Plouet, chief designer of the European division of the Stellantis alliance, the decoration will be finished with environmentally friendly recyclable materials, and some kind of integrated climate, sound and light control system in the cabin (SALA) will appear in the equipment, which can be activated by one button.