Lada 2105 VFTS in the world rally championship were

This Lada 2105 in 80 years have won rally Citroen and even Ferrari

Lada 2105 VFTS in the world rally championship were

In Soviet Union the sport was respected and tried to promote to the masses the idea is not only a healthy lifestyle among young people, but also to develop various international sports, including in Motorsport. After all the achievements of the athletes, for any state, really are a matter of honor and conduct advocacy activities (in the good sense of the expression), and so they need.


In ancient times, our is quite good, even played in an international rally. Specifically, prizes and high pedestals win the championship among the participants of the breakout, then group B, which for many years like a fish in water feel almost production “Muscovites”. It should be noted that for these purposes, almost every company, be it carmaker or office, was engaged in Assembly of motorcycles, had its own sports team. The purpose of a sports team in the first place was the refinement of the structure under extreme loads to the ideal. Those car parts that have not passed the ordeal, and was vital for the reliability of the machines was altered, changed and improved.


A side effect of this approach was the prizes and laurels in the domestic racing series, as well as abroad. Speedway, circuit racing, rally, motocross – here is a partial list of the areas where he had attended the factory team. But traditionally, one of the most popular, began rally racing.


However, it also created a separate mini plants for which the promotion of sports models on the path was the main goal. One such enterprise was the Baltic “Vilnius factory vehicles”. State-owned enterprise engaged in fine-tuning production cars on sports needs and preparing them for competitions.


Over ¼ of a century, from 1975 to 1990, from the pen of VFTS, and in particular, the inspirer of the enterprise Stasys Brundza, came a lot of interesting and diverse patterns, but the pinnacle for many sports auto experts is still considered a rally car Lada VFTS 2105.


What a unique racing model Lada 2105 VFTS?

Lada 2105 VFTS in the world rally championship were

Well, first, the engineering revision of the model was so successful that the workers are variants of the combat “Fives” not only survived, but even still used in Amateur rally Championships. But, for a second, since the release of the first tuned under the sports model has passed the order for more than 30 years!


Second, the model Lada, managed to get in the 80-ies at the international level, entering the rally group B that it is firmly entrenched on the top lines of the rating, beating even such famous rivals “doplnovani era”, as Ferrari and Citroen BX.


The truth here is to make a small reservation. Lada VFTS have not won overall in group B, tagas with the leaders of those times – Ford RS200s and Metro 6R4s MG, but in a subclass of Group B / 10 for vehicles with an engine capacity of from 1.3 l to 1.6 L.


Lada 2105 VFTS in the world rally championship were

Thirdly, the sports version of the model has received wide publicity in the Union press and the whole advertising campaign, with separate brochures and leaflets on the components of the model. This has created a unique precedent by initiating a wave of pokazateley-kopipaster, especially in 90-e years in Hungary and Lithuania. Similar to the characteristics of the vehicles became so numerous that their owners have started to form groups and compete with each other in the hotel a small-town Championships.


According to some sources it was built 30 “official” copies.


Here is a video by Broonzy, leaving the car:


What is a Lada 2105 VFTS?


As we noted above, the model is nothing like the Foundation of the model 2105, completely redesigned for racing purposes. Aluminum hood, doors and trunk – it was all done for maximum weight loss. The side window is plexiglass, but the front and rear, left glass (in those days, the rules still allowed to keep biting the glass).


Finished appearance unusual for the Soviet era wheels and aerodynamic plastic kit.


Lada 2105 VFTS in the world rally championship were

For more detailed specifications (taken from the site drive2.EN):

The cast-iron cylinder block (2106) with an aluminum cylinder head.

The working volume of 1588 cm3.

The piston diameter is 79.5 mm, stroke – 80 mm.

Rod – steel, weighing 570 grams, with straight connector, length 136 mm.

Crankshaft bearings, cast iron weight 10.4 kg, the diameter of the necks of 50,795 mm.

A steel flywheel weighing 4.2 kg.

Carburetors WEBER 45 CDOE.

Camshaft: lift intake/exhaust 11.5 mm/11.5 mm, phase – intake 330 degree, issue 320 degrees.

The diameter of the intake channel is 39.5 mm, outlet 34.5 mm.

Valve diameter intake valve 41 mm, outlet 36mm.

Compression ratio of 11.5 units.

Power characteristics — 160 HP at 7000 rpm, torque 164,8 Nm at 5500 rpm. (There is mention about the car which was made by himself, Stasys Brundza, develops 180 HP at 7500 rpm and 182 Nm at 6000 rpm).

Diameter front brake discs – 252,7 mm, rear brake drum.

Steering: a worm with globally dvuhgrivnevka roller

The gear ratio of the steering mechanism – 16,4

Machine dimensions – length 409 cm, width of 172.5 cm, height 140 cm (varied depending on suspension settings), track front/rear – 136,5 cm/132,1 cm (varied depending on wheels)

In international competitions the car shod in tires Pirelli 210/595-15 or Dunlop 195/555-15.

Machine weight (aluminum body parts) without fuel 780 kg Kerb weight with a steel body – 920 kg.

Main pairs 4,3; 4,4; 4,77

CAT VAZ-R3 spur, Cam-operated couplings enable.


So, hard racing VFTS had under its aluminum hood 160 BHP, accelerated to 100 km/h slightly faster than 7 seconds and had a top speed of about 200 km/h (depending on the main pair transmission)


Lada 2105 VFTS was not a frequent guest on the world rally championship in the era of “Group B”, such for example, as the Finnish rally “1000 lakes”, where in 1986 the model is fully dominated in class B / 10, taking the top 6 positions in class. Russian racing driver Igor Large finished 18th overall and first in class. However, the car was more competitive at the national competition in Eastern Europe, where he spent the majority of activities and have compiled an extensive list of podiums.


Deservedly, one of the most exciting sports models of the past, showing that with the right technical approach, even Tesla can make a quality car.