Just two tips will help you prevent the appearance of rust on the car after winter

How not to kill the paint on the car in the winter?

Just two tips will help you prevent the appearance of rust on the car after winter

Clean – the guarantee of health and success. This unshakable axiom all know from childhood. But pure love not only people but also cars. Especially in winter, especially when the street slush and mush of chemicals. Yes, cars also need to wash, just to take care of them, cleaning from adhering for the week of mud. But it should be done wisely and come to the wash in the winter special. We will remind you about what many drivers do not even know when you come to the sink. Because if you do not comply with the winter rules on the reliability of the paintwork you can forget forever.


In extreme cold forget about washing the car

Just two tips will help you prevent the appearance of rust on the car after winter

When the window minus 10, 15 or less degrees, can with a clear conscience to put the iron horse to the Parking lot, even if it is dirty. The fact that in this case, even the mud with a reagent not as dangerous as the temperature drops on the paintwork that occur during washing of the machine.


With winter streets you drive in warm bathing box. What do you think happens to cold to freezing temperatures the paint of your car from such a drop? Properly, it will begin to lose their properties to deteriorate. First, after a year, the other washing the car in such conditions, the thinnest layer of varnish will appear microscopic cracks, then they will start to grow and penetrate deeper into the paint. And then to the metal nearby. Hi, the first “mushrooms” on the car who has just 4-5 years.


Just two tips will help you prevent the appearance of rust on the car after winter

But this is only half the trouble. From such temperature extremes LCP also becomes brittle, and damaged mechanically much simpler. You probably noticed that after the winter suddenly appear chipped paint in the most unexpected places. For example, on the side of the fenders or on the doors. There after the stones are flying. Where is the damage? The explanation is simple: the zipper of the jacket touched a button held and so on. Usually it just happens after a visit by washing in the cold. The paint becomes then extremely susceptible to any small vozdeistviy from the outside.


If you do not wash the vehicle’s underbody, the body will start to rot faster

Just two tips will help you prevent the appearance of rust on the car after winter

The second important thing, which for some reason, almost none of the drivers in the course of washing the body of the car itself is not the key to longevity of the body. Even the neat that leave possession of the car for 10, 15 or more years, the back iron horse still starts to rot. It happens in the most important places – from the bottom. And all because they never did one very important procedure, especially important for any resident of North latitude.


We’re talking about washing the underbody of the vehicle. Any specialist repairers will tell you that the decay of the body begins not with the exterior panels and the internal cavities of the side members and underbody. There always accumulates excess moisture. Some places it may not erode even in the summer. Constant condensation destroys the anti-corrosion protection and in a few years (will depend on class of protection against corrosion), rust will begin their dirty work.


Just two tips will help you prevent the appearance of rust on the car after winter

Plus do not forget that the bottom is easily scratched on lumps of frozen snow and ice, Stripping the protective layer and exposing the metal. There will be flying reagent and he will remain there, even in summer, quietly doing their bad things.


Thus, the second piece of advice is that after winter you need to be sure to wash the bottom of the car, ridding it of dirt and salt, especially in closed polostah and spars. For a year it will suffice.


However, this procedure does have nuances that you need to follow:

1. Wash the bottom preferably in a specialized service, where professionals will do the work quickly and carefully to the car, using automotive chemicals, road the neutralizing reagent.


2. As the expert advises, “tekhservis SPA”, Daniel Sevastyanov:

“New high-tech cars like the Toyota Prius and other hybrid/electric cars and premium cars, which is present in many electronic systems, it is undesirable to hold through this procedure. The aqueous solution may damage the contact group to bring down expensive equipment. However, expensive premium car segment are almost always characterized by superior corrosion protection, which for 5-7 years perfectly copes with its task even in our “acid” Moscow winter”.


3. Thus, we suggest to carry out water procedures more simple machines. But there are some limitations. For example, the water jet should not exceed 150 bar. Otherwise, water can get into the boots, washed the grease, destroy the old rubber bands or get into body of shock absorbers, leading them into disrepair.


4. Bathing bottoms can be produced once a year in the spring. And only after the average temperature goes to zero the indicator.


Just two tips will help you prevent the appearance of rust on the car after winter

Thanks to these two simple tips, you can preserve your car and delay the appearance of rust at least two years.


P. S. Some experts have a very negative attitude to this kind of cleaning, focusing on the above-mentioned possible negative effects, and that a powerful jet can disrupt the damaged anticorrosive. This also has some truth. Everything will depend on the professionalism of the car wash, choose only services with a positive reputation. Upon completion of the procedure may not be amiss to treat underbody rust inhibitor. To understand the necessity of this, consult with the master. All individually.