January-September – statistics of road accident in Russia in 2018

On roads in 2018, dies at 4.7% fewer people, but the number of accidents is still high

January-September – statistics of road accident in Russia in 2018

Almost 120 thousand traffic accidents occurred nationwide in the period from January to September 2018. A lot or a little? It depends what starting point to take. For example, compared to Germany, it is a lot, a lot, but if we take a comparative point of the past as reflected in the statistics of the traffic police years, the number of accidents has been steadily and significantly reduced.


I have 9 months of 2018 in the body? And so, the statistics for the period is as follows:

119.386 of accidents (-1.9% compared to the same period last year)

12.886 dead (-4.7%)

152.818 wounded (-2.0%)


The accident injured 55 thousand drivers, 4.606 cyclists (growth 4.0%), 44.504 passenger 33.446 pedestrian.


Due to the violation by drivers of the vehicle was completely 105.178 accidents (an increase of 1.8%). Involving pedestrians in the period January-September 2018 happened 33.446 accident (-4.5%). Of them pedestrians – 32.475 (because of drivers 21 thousand accidents because of pedestrians 12 thousand)


As for the perpetrators motorists interest in statistics the most frequent violators, however, to be fair, I chose the “worst”, not in absolute terms and as a percentage of the APPG:

Offenders on passenger cars licensed for traffic – 1.469 (16,3%)

Violators among the bus drivers – 4.125 (an increase of 2.8%)

Violated traffic rules by the drivers of motorcycles – 4.139 (plus 2.6% yoy)

The drivers of the tram included in the same category. The number of accidents is small – 122, but the percentage increase compared to last year serious, about 22%

Drivers of tractors and other self-propelled vehicles also made the list – 708 accident, plus 24.9%.


The number of accidents involving children has also increased, 15 thousand traffic accidents, plus 1%.


But accidents due to poor detention conditions and improvement of the road network (NDU), despite the considerable figure of more than 44 thousand accidents, decreases rapidly, minus 12.6% compared with the 2017 year.