Jaguar revealed teaser photos of the second crossover E-Pace

Teaser photos of the new crossover Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar revealed teaser photos of the second crossover E-Pace

Honestly, we can state the fact that something strange is happening with brands, as they all conspired and decided to show their new products this summer. And menu brands main share of new products is exclusively crossovers, Nissan showed a couple of the updated Qashqai and X-Trail, Kia and Hyundai showed the new urban SUV Stonic and Kona. Not further than yesterday, Lincoln has rolled out an elongated version of the luxury SUV Navigator. Showed their new products a couple of automotive brands from around the world from Germany.

And today they are joined by another manufacturer, this time the novelty will come to us from Albion and July 13 will be fully disclosed to the curious public. This Jaguar E-Pace, the second crossover from Jaguar which for so long and talked a lot.

According to the latest information received, this urban SUV will be one of the most inexpensive models from Jaguar, the initial cost for the model 2018 will be $38.600.

Can you compare it with the first English crossover model has gained recognition and attracted the interest of car enthusiasts from all over the world, the F-Pace? Can only cautiously, only external style and some technical features in them will be identical otherwise, including the positioning of the model the absolute opposite!

Today Jaguar has published a few teaser pictures and sparingly described the main parts of its news. E-Pace according to the developer: “technology has standard all-wheel drive and a line of gasoline engines Ingenium, as well as a set of related technologies and convenient features”. The initial cost of the E-Pace of $38.600 says that the new product will be $3.500 cheaper than its older brother, the urban SUV F-Pace.

It is assumed that in the line of power units will include petrol engines of 2.0 liter and diesel engines of the same volume capacity of 178 and 148 HP respectively. The most powerful engines Ingenium will get 250 HP

Among the exotics is a hybrid variation of a crossover with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder diesel engine and electric motor.

In terms of dimension, E-Pace will obviously be less than the first SUV in the line of Jaguar, most likely the difference in their sizes would correspond to about how the BMW X1 to the BMW X3. Emphasizing the differences, the company’s chief designer Ian Callum said, “the combination of sporty performance Jaguar ensures that the E-Pace stands out”.

Jaguar revealed teaser photos of the second crossover E-Pace

What conclusions can be draw under the presently known data? The new product is evident effect of two models – the F-Pace and elegantly sporty F-Type, the dimensions, the novelty will repeat the dimensions of the concept-I-Pace which debuted at the motor show in Los Angeles last year.

Speaking of I-Pace. If you for some reason missed this concept, let us remind you that this is another revolutionary for the company’s SUV, which will be the first fully electric car in the cage of the Jaguar. The brand plans to launch it in 2018 than will be able to overtake the legislator Tesla electric fashion, with its vision of the environmentally friendly compact crossover.

Thus, waiting for the sale of Jaguar E-Pace in 2018 and its debut in the next few weeks.