Jaguar has developed a 2.0 liter aluminum engine Ingenium

New 296 horsepower supercharged four cylinder engine from Jaguar

Jaguar has developed a 2.0 liter aluminum engine Ingenium

The new Ingenium 2.0 engine also will be available in capacities at 197 and 246 horsepower. JLR have far-reaching plans to expand the family with the obligatory replacement of the V-shaped six-cylinder units on the inline six of the new generation.

For completely new aluminium Ingenium diesel engine developed by the company Jaguar Land Rover in 2017 will be followed by a petrol version with the same modular construction, but the four-cylinder volume of 500 blocks each. In addition to developing new motor, JLR is making a maximum effort to once and for all get rid of transfer cases with reduction gear through the use of a new eight-speed transmission.

Low weight is a key element in fuel economy and efficiency of the vehicle, and what could be easier than an engine with an aluminum block? Jaguar claims that the new turbo four will give “up to 25 percent more power, but this will reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15%. Good performance, I tell you.

The volume of each of the cylinders is mounted on a half liter, JLR uses electro-hydraulic valve, integrated exhaust manifolds, dual snail for turbochargers with ceramic ball bearings, which are able without any problems to squeeze up to 296 HP from a two litre engine. A less expensive version of this unit will be to use mono-“snail” of the turbo 197 HP or dual turbos with standard bearings for version power 246 HP in Addition, the DOHC engines with chain driven timing mechanism able to spin up to 6.500 rpm, and a direct injection system with a solenoid injector capable of spraying the fuel into the cylinder under pressure to 197 atmospheres.

In addition, you will receive a powerful and a modern turbocharged engine, high-pressure, JLR has prepared for you a new gear box with integrated transfer case transmission. In the powertrain applied a dual-clutch and hybrid technology switching. Weight of the device is reduced by approximately 20 kg compared to the current eight-speed transmission.

Jaguar has developed a 2.0 liter aluminum engine Ingenium

Transmission called TRANSCEND has a wide range of gear ratios – 20:1, can be used in longitudinal rear wheel drive layout and four-wheel drive vehicles. JLR has spent her working out to approximately £30 million ($ 40 million USD).